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Courses & Coaching to bust the BS stories holding you back so you can build a business that changes the world and makes you money

The Things That I Stand For 


 Making business fun as hell and super successful while not taking ourselves too seriously – if its not fun it doesn’t get done!


Breaking the rules and doing everything the flow way, it really is so much easier than you have been led to believe

Bringing heart and soul back into business and being authentically you at all times, your soul already knows what to do

Getting you to show up like the Queen you were born to be so you can  get on with changing the world


Busting the bullshit that holds you back, loving triggering you so you can deal with that which is blocking your success

Hear about the results some of the insiders get

What the Insiders Have to Say

I have really grown in the last 3 months working with Michelle. Michelle is bursting with passion and offers a safe, non-judgemental space to talk business. Michelle has given me tools to dig through some personal and business beliefs and blocks which have not served me in the past. She is super reliable, professional, and caring. I feel far less stressed and much happier about the path my business is about to take now.

Cheyney, Design by Cheyney

The one-one-one coaching I am doing with Michelle is invaluable. For the past week I had a mental block that had me stopped in my tracks. One session with Michelle with her guidance and advice and I’m back in flow again. I’ve achieved more today than I have in the past week! There’s no doubt that Michelle is the ‘secret weapon’ to my mindset and my business.

Sheryl Takanana, Why Weight Academy

Michelle is a pure energy ball! She inspires and instigates me to do many things that many can’t. I am a strong individual that won’t be influenced by many and we are actually complete opposites on many levels. I can only 100% vouch that if you’re ready and accepting of lessons and open to change, she can and will provide it. Whether you like it or not being around her will give you cause and effect for many lessons.

Jude Brentnall, From Hair to Puhoi

Michelle, is so full of energy and enthusiasm. I have only just started my coaching sessions with her and really feel her connect with me. She has a real genuine passion to help me see that I am so much more and to take that next step. She is soulful and a really compassionate coach.

Valery Hyde

WOW! I just had an amazing session with Michelle from Michelle Business Coach. She helped me gain clarity which has given me more confidence to take my passion and turn it into a business. Finally I know which steps I need to take that will help me turn that dream into a reality. I am really excited as I feel like I can see clearly now how to move forward! Thanks Michelle!

Debbie Dowds, Boho Bandits Creative

I have always been aware that I had a weird ideas about making money- I hadn’t appreciated that one of them included keeping money. Looking back I can see how that has played out. I knew that if I wanted to start a business and have the life I envision I had to sort that crap out. Since working with Michelle (& the journaling and homework she has given me) has meant I have had to delve deep into parts of myself that I was quite happy to lock away but since opening those doors and facing up to my deep seated beliefs I cannot believe the shifts. My beliefs about money have turned 360◦. I now see money in a very different light. I can feel myself shifting, those around me have commented on how ‘I am different’ and it has only been a short while on this journey. Every morning I check on my bank account and say thank you to whatever money is there. I have been very clear with work about my contracted hours and payment – which I would never have done in a million years in the past. I see the value in what I have to offer and money is a symbol of that value. This is a work in progress but I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes.

Sarah, Hormone Empowerment 

"Oh my gosh the coaching is just so explosive and valuable. I have spent so much time researching social media, what to do, not to do. It’s so exhausting and time wasting!! The call this morning has given me so much insight and understanding and now knowing what my steps are I am so ready to get ROCKING!!!

Sandra, The Pet Brands Company

I have read lots of books on goal setting but nothing resonated quite as much as Michelle’s module. This gives you the everything you need – the reasoning behind your goals, prompts on how to create your own powerful goals and the tools to make sure you stay on track. Instead of focusing on theory and a whole load of waffle, this course just takes you straight to the ‘doing’ part. I love the goals I created and have been connecting with them in a far more powerful way than ever before.

Praise for the Goal Setting Module

You have a real gift to get shit done Michelle. You’re excellent with structures and bringing order to chaos. This is a tremendous asset for your clients who are determined to take their business to the next level, they have all the puzzle pieces, but someone threw away the finished picture so they don’t know where to start. Your gift is seeing the picture complete and then guiding them to pick up the right pieces in the right order.

Anel, Alpha Training

After my package with Michelle I was clearer about exactly what steps needed to be taken to move forward as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I had completed concrete steps which moved me forward exponentially such as identifying potential blocks that might have held me back or distracted me from my mission and a step by step action plan to get me to my desired outcome. I would say that Michelle’s skills lies in her ability to quickly identify exactly what steps need to be taken to move forward. Sometimes it felt like Michelle was inside my head! Michelle has played a pivotal role in the success of my business.

Sophie, Food Relationships

I have struggled with understanding manifesting in the past, but this module made it easy to understand, exciting and powerful! I loved this module. It has made me really analyze my thoughts and words and I know that the lessons I have learnt from this course are having a powerful impact on the way I work with my clients.

Praise for the Manifestation Course

There is no BS with Michelle. She’s a dynamic mentor and business coach who will give you the tools and inspiration to help take your business to the next level. It’s life-changing stuff, if you are ready for success then work with Michelle, you won’t regret it.

Nikki, Tell The World About It Marketing

Michelle is a little fire cracker who is absolutley nailing it in the coaching space for women. She has the goods to support the talk, and the women that coach with her take their businesses from medicore to boom in record time. If you want to get big bold and brave, and reap the rewards of that in business, dive on in, you won’t be dissapointed.

Calvin, Wild Success

This course is a must for anyone who wants to get their time management sorted for good. I have read plenty of books on this topic but the difference with Michelle’s course is that she gives you all the tools you need to hit the ground running. This alone will save you so much time! It is the perfect mix of information/strategy and resources. I have implemented all the strategies she outlines and it has made a major difference in my time management both personally and in my business.

Praise for the Time Wrangling Course

"It feels a little like Michelle had a key to me and she was able to unlock my business growing pains in 60 minutes the way no amount of thinking, planning, goal setting on my own would ever have been able to. If I could find a way to bottle her I’d be a gazillionaire overnight! If you’re looking to ignite your business then you’ve find the right person.."


If you’re looking for a business coach I highly recommend Michelle at Business Acceleration Coach. She has an amazing amount of energy and drive. She’ll keep you on track and work with you to establish and clarify your business vision and goals. Michelle helps you with planning, marketing, and sales and sticking to your goals. Michelle sets weekly homework and has lots of advice on ‘how’ to do everything to achieve your vision, goals and business growth plan. She gives lots of feedback on your progress and is a great support.

Vicki, Love to Give

The way Oprah communicates is so beautiful. Your communication abilities remind me of Oprah. Such a gift to provide a safe space for people to be unapologetically themselves.

Monica, Marketing Mayhem

I started doing the Time wrangling course first as I always run out of time and am exhausted and still haven’t achieved what I really needed to do. A million lists and the feeling of total overwhelm are on my daily agenda, but then I done the time wrangling course. What a blessing to have Michelle take you by the hand and show you that plugging holes in your diary with my daily to do lists and reacting to my day instead planning my diary for me and being proactive. Michelle is showing you step by step how to never feel overwhelmed again and creating the basis to wake up in the morning with the feeling of excitement and purpose instead of dread and anxiety. She is showing you the true sense of the phrase’ failing to plan is planning to fail.

More praise for the Time Wrangling Course

You’ve got to sign up for this amazing creation (FemPowered Empire Building). What Michelle created here is a one of a kind ‘Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs”, you can not fail here, the only way is moving forward here. All your insecurities are answered and laid out in easy to access modules and, but wait, there is always more. Michelle seems to be always one step ahead of you, as soon as your question marks pop up in your head, you can bet on it Michelle has created another section in her course to answer your question. The online groups are a powerful resource of mindset mastering and upcoming questions and worries get settled there and then by Michelle. This is truly a life time membership as this is the backbone of your entrepreneurial life.

Christiane Ebert, Energized to Success

I never thought I would be jumping out of bed in the morning to get behind the computer but here we are… this has been so much fun to set up. Credit where credits due thou to my business coach/angel Michelle Clarke who has been a blessing and helped make this and much more possible. Michelle has the patience of a saint and has invaluable knowledge and actually gets me wanting to do what I’m told to do.

Holly Roberson, Studio Holly Roberson

I just wanted to say your F**king amazing!!! I have been in business for 7 years and haven’t experienced what I have experienced this week in many years. Redefining our ideal customer avatar means I am more focused, know what I want from my clients and in return deliver absolute greatness to them. Working from flow this has resulted in some immediate business but more importantly future business in the upcoming months!

Another happy customer

Hi! I’m Michelle

As an empowerer of women worldwide, I have a vision of us standing together bravely bringing our purpose work to the world.  You and I know that things have shifted already and that it is time for the world to operate differently. I know that you can feel the shift too, and that sometimes it feels like an invisible elastic band is holding you back from reaching your goals.  

If you are ready to up-level and start serving your tribe in a bigger way then I want to help you get there with all the systems, the tools, the fun and the support. You can get cracking business results without the overwhelm and I want to show you how.

There are a number of solutions including free resources, group coaching, online courses and private coaching. Book a chat with me and let’s see what the best option for you is at this time. 


Extreme clarity on how your future business will look


The model of business which will give you the freedom and the income you desire


Your marketing messages and niche market 


Automations to streamline your business processes and free you up 


Confident about your business and it’s future direction 

What Next?

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