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Empowering women to build purpose driven empires and live a HELL YES LIFE.

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Do you want to wrap your business around your lifestyle giving you more freedom to make more money while helping more people?

You’ve come to the right place. Welcome! 
Here you’ll find real help from a  business coach who empowers female practitioners and creatives just like you to build purpose driven empires and life a “hell yes life”.


This is a place where you will come to realize that you CAN be successful and happy, and that you can indeed have it all.   A place where we get at the root of cause of why you’re not getting the results, smash the impostor monster, build your confidence, and then streamline and power-up your business through implementing systems and strategies unique to your business and clients (raise your hand if your stomach turns a bit at the words “I used this one simple system to go from 0 to 6 figures”).


I’m all about helping you find solutions that actually work for YOU by:

  1. Helping you to really find your passion, get clear on your goals and boost your confidence like a jolt of coffee straight to the blood stream.

2. Smashing the BS story that’s been turning like a scratched record in your mind, holding  you back from the success you dream of.

3. Listening to you, your needs, challenges and dreams and then setting a solid strategic plan and quarterly goals to make those dreams a reality.

4. Crafting unique fit-for-you strategies which cut through the BS (and boring business waffle) and actually work FOR you to get you more time and more money.

Find Out How Coaching Helped Monica to Smash Her Goals Out of the Park 

“If you want ‘dream bigger’ problems instead of your current problems, then work with Michelle, she will make your dreams come true” – Monica


What People Are Saying


I would describe Michelle as a helium balloon… Every time we spoke, I was left feeling motivated, positive and so uplifted. I appreciated her belief in me and my mission and she has played a pivotal role in the success of my business.  

                 Sophie McKay                  Food Relationships


 It feels a little like Michelle had a key to me and she was able to unlock my life in 60 minutes the way no amount of thinking, planning, goal setting on my own would ever have been able to.  If I could find a way to bottle her I’d be a gazillionaire overnight! If you’re looking to ignite your passion, for you and your life then you’ve find the right person.


Heath Profesional


I would say that Michelle’s skills lies in her ability to really see the root of the problem and constantly challenge it, she holds me accountable but is always compassionate. Her passion is infectious. I would recommend her because in the space of a month I have moved forward more than I would have if I had done it alone.

Sarah Brenchly

Wellness Educator

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