Michelle Clarke, the business coach that will show you how to…

Break all the business rules, so you can say “I’m doing business my way”

Be bolder in business and develop a business mindset that will allow you to leap

Face business transformation and  life changes with a strong positive attitude

Fully Funded Business Continuation Coaching may be available to you right now if you live in NZ and meet the criteria. Message me below to find out more  

There is help available and lots of things that we can do right now to get your business moving again, and ultimately thriving.  You have heard a lot about  ‘pivoting’ and ‘business continuation’ but what does that actually mean for you and your business?  Let me help you to:

✅ Work out alternative ways to reach new customers and work with existing customers.

✅ Re-work your marketing strategy.

✅ Super charge your online capability and get you making money again.

11 + 9 =

I’m not your usual business coach, I do things a bit differently because we are all different.  My coaching clients are from all walks of life from Naturopaths to Horse Chriopratures to Accountants and designers.

The one thing my clients have in common is that they are all ready to take their businesses to the next level.

When you coach with me, I will hold you accountable; there will be weekly coaching and homework, new tools to learn about, I will expect you to show up and commit to your investment. But in return I promise you results, I will show you how to build a business empire that provides freedom while you are changing the world. 

Click below to book a 15 min no pressure chat so find out if you are ready to take that next business step.

Here are some of the things you can expect from Business Coaching with me:

💗 Busting the bullshit stories and breaking all the rules.

 💗 Using Soul-Based Marketing Methods that work for businesses just like yours.

 💗 Showing up authentically and bravely (goodbye impostor syndrome – hello business on your own terms).

💗 Setting up structures and systems which take the overwhelm out of business and let you scale.

But Sarah tells the story better, hear why she believes that coaching allowed her to build the business of her dreams.


Ways You Can Work With Me 

Free Business Growth Strategy Session

Let’s cut all the waffle, I’m not that kinda girl.  This is not a sales pitch, the sole purpose of this call is to give you massive clarity on how to accelerate your business and the next few steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to boost your business results.

FemPowered Empire Building Subscription

This will blow the socks off your business, you won’t even recognize it in 3 months. Everything you need: the clarity, the belief in yourself, the steps to take next, the structure, the systems, the methods, the coaching, the accountability, and the support. 

Business Expansion Package 1:1 Coaching

If you are ready to get real results, real fast this is for you.  You get access to everything and me on your team.  1:1 coaching with action steps, resources and marketing assistance. If groups are not your thing or you have specific needs this is your go to. 

Regardless of what led you here to this page, I am guessing you are just like Sally.


Sally was trying juggle so many responsibilities, kids, a household, clients to see, a business to run, and she was feeling exhausted and frustrated running from one thing to the next without a breath, struggling to keep up with clients and meet her responsibilities (and feeling like she was doing none of it particularily well) then falling onto the couch overwhelmed at 9pm ready to finally work on her business but accidentally numbing out with netflix for hours before falling into a fitful sleep and doing it all over again tomorrow. She sometimes wondered if this was all worth it, and if she was ever going to be able to get the business results she was chasing. 

Sally really cares about making a difference in people’s lives, it is why she got into business in the first place.  She knows what she does changes lives, and she was ready to scale up and get better results, but she found that the standard solutions just didn’t work for her business or lifestyle and she was getting frustrated. Sally first joined our tribe in the free facebook group and later joined the FemPowered Empire Building Programme where she learnt how to scale and do business in a way that was fun for her and made her a tonne of money on her terms.

Sally now has a kickass success mindset and a business structure complete with automated systems that allows her business to run smoothly, she has more money, and time to spend with her kids and she feels in control of her business and the results she gets. She leaps out of bed early now keen to start her day before the household rises and nails out her business strategic actions for the day and then breezes through the family morning routine before settling in to empower clients and work on her business, and even better, she has time to walk the dogs on the beach in the arvo and spend time with her hubby. Life feels like it flows magically now and she is astounded by how easy results come to her. She is finally the business owner she always thought she would be, if you want that too, then please, reach out to me.  Go ahead and book in for a no obligation chat and let’s see if we are on the same page.


I have really grown in the last 3 months working with Michelle. Michelle is bursting with passion and offers a safe, non-judgemental space to talk business. Michelle has given me tools to dig through some personal and business beliefs and blocks which have not served me in the past. She is super reliable, professional, and caring. I feel far less stressed and much happier about the path my business is about to take now.

Cheyney, Design by Cheyney

"Oh my gosh the coaching is just so explosive and valuable. I have spent so much time researching social media, what to do, not to do. It’s so exhausting and time wasting!! The call this morning has given me so much insight and understanding and now knowing what my steps are I am so ready to get ROCKING!!!

Sandra, The Pet Brands Company

You have a real gift to get shit done Michelle. You’re excellent with structures and bringing order to chaos. This is a tremendous asset for your clients who are determined to take their business to the next level, they have all the puzzle pieces, but someone threw away the finished picture so they don’t know where to start. Your gift is seeing the picture complete and then guiding them to pick up the right pieces in the right order.

Anel, Alpha 

After my package with Michelle I was clearer about exactly what steps needed to be taken to move forward as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I had completed concrete steps which moved me forward exponentially such as identifying potential blocks that might have held me back or distracted me from my mission and a step by step action plan to get me to my desired outcome. I would say that Michelle’s skills lies in her ability to quickly identify exactly what steps need to be taken to move forward. Sometimes it felt like Michelle was inside my head! Michelle has played a pivotal role in the success of my business.

Sophie, Food Relationships

There is no BS with Michelle. She’s a dynamic mentor and business coach who will give you the tools and inspiration to help take your business to the next level. It’s life-changing stuff, if you are ready for success then work with Michelle, you won’t regret it.

Nikki, Tell The World About It Marketing

Michelle is a little fire cracker who is absolutley nailing it in the coaching space for women. She has the goods to support the talk, and the women that coach with her take their businesses from medicore to boom in record time. If you want to get big bold and brave, and reap the rewards of that in business, dive on in, you won’t be dissapointed.

Calvin, Wild Success

"It feels a little like Michelle had a key to me and she was able to unlock my business growing pains in 60 minutes the way no amount of thinking, planning, goal setting on my own would ever have been able to. If I could find a way to bottle her I’d be a gazillionaire overnight! If you’re looking to ignite your business then you’ve find the right person.."


If you’re looking for a business coach I highly recommend Michelle at Business Acceleration Coach. She has an amazing amount of energy and drive. She’ll keep you on track and work with you to establish and clarify your business vision and goals. Michelle helps you with planning, marketing, and sales and sticking to your goals. Michelle sets weekly homework and has lots of advice on ‘how’ to do everything to achieve your vision, goals and business growth plan. She gives lots of feedback on your progress and is a great support.

Vicki, Love to Give

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