If you need business help you are in the right place. I have been exactly where you are right now, drowning, wondering where to turn, on the brink of an overwhelm melt down.

You need business help, and you need it now so you can move forward, but there is so much to wade through. And if we are really honest, most of it is trash: complicated long winded business speak; one tiny idea spun out to 20 pages to make it seem important, a template or systems that someone used to earn 6 figures in under a year (except it doesn’t work for you).

If you are ready for something that will actually help you and your business you will be pleased you found us.

Hi, I’m Michelle a Business Acceleration Coach who empowers entrepreneurs to get real results real fast through online one on one coaching. My super power is being able to see to the root cause of a challenge quickly and helping you to create a unique solution that will work for you. I do this by:

  •  REALLY listening to you, your needs, your way of working
  •  Uncovering your unique super powers and finding a way to bring that to the fore
  •  Crafting strategies which cut through the BS and work FOR you and your business
  •  Smashing the BS stories that have been turning like a scratched record in your mind, holding  you back
  • Clarifying what it is that you really want so we can set clear goals and then implement strategies which will get you results


  1. Book a free call with me using this link here so I can learn more about you, your desires, goals, and challenges
  2. This booking system sets up an automatic online zoom meeting for us and emails you all the details. At the time of the meeting you simply open your computer and click on the link.
  3. If we both think we are a good fit I will check my availability. I work very intensely with clients (you have full access to me during your coaching package) so I only take on a small amount of clients at any time to ensure my clients get quality coaching.
  4. If I have availability we can talk about the various ways that you can work with me
  5. When you accept the offer we will talk about what works best for you regarding times, speed, content of coaching, and how you work best to ensure that you get what you need in a way that works for you (being a fully qualified adult educator means I can bend to many winds).
  6. Payments are by subscription and you can pay via paypal or credit card.
  7. I will send you a coaching agreement document which you will need to sign before we begin coaching.
  8. Then we set up regular meeting times and begin coaching.
  9. The first coaching session is always goal setting, after that we work on what you most need to move forward on any given day.
  10. At the start of each coaching session I will ask you how you have moved forward and check in about wins and speed bumps.
  11. Then I will ask you what would be most beneficial for you to work on. We can either work on something that we had planned to cover, or we can deviate to work on what would best serve you on that day. I do ask that you come prepared to these meetings and know what you want to work on (it does not have to business related).
  12. We can either meet for 2 half hour coaching sessions a week or an intense one hour coaching session (you get to set the pace). Generally we coach for the first three weeks of any given month with the last week of the month as catch up time for you (so I don’t burn you out with my fast pace – this system helps my clients to achieve maximum results).
  13. You will likely have homeplay to complete between sessions. You can email me for feedback as you feel the need.
  14. Coaching sessions are about YOU, we will bend and flex to what it is that you need. You need to speak up if things are not working for you, I am literally here for you darling, coaching is not about me.

What now?

Book that call!!! I LOVE helping business owners to HAVE IT ALL. You really can be successful and wildly happy! Click here to book your call.

I look forward to supercharging you and your business soon.

Kind regards,

Michelle Clarke

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