The Three Money Practices You Need To Be Doing Right Now

Increasing your business revenue starts with you

Would you like to ramp up your business revenue? Then read on darling, this message is for you today.

You can engage in as much busy work as you like, you can place hundreds of dollars worth of ads, and you try as many shiny new tools and methods as you like, but until you up-level your thinking around making money, you are going to be plahying snakes and ladders with your business revenue.

You know what I am talking about right? 
You have one great week – hooray, crack the champagne.
Then you have an off week – and you wonder where you went wrong.

The root cause of that sea-sawing business revenue is tied to you.

Yup, tied to you.  Sure there are a hundred valid excuses and rock solid real reasons that you could show me why your business revenue was down that week.  But I would not advise that you do that.


I choose to give energy to working on ME so that my business revenue can grow. And it works only every-singe-time.  Don’t get me wrong, I fall off the ladder too, we all do, it is normal. But when I realize that I am laying on my back waving my legs about like a dying ladybug, I pull myself up and ask these questions:

1.  What are my predominate thoughts about money right now?

2. What am I doing to love up on money right now, have my money practices slipped?

3. Am I feeling worthy of receiving great business revenue right now?

Those simple questions are just the start.  Normally when I ask myself those questions I find out pretty smartly that I have either been:
* Skimping on the 3 top money practices that allow me to build my business revenue
* Feeling unworthy in some way shape or form, not necessarily tied to business either
* I have been hanging with some peeps who have triggered old money stories for me

What do you think are your main triggers are for falling off the money making ladder?  They are many and varied trust me…
And… they are usually so well hidden that you don’t even know you have them!  

Lucky for you I have a sneaky way to uncover those old money stories for you.  I have a free webinar which is pure coaching gold attached to a very low priced 30 day money practices challenge.  

A N D… because you are bothering to read this, I am going to make it super easy for you to say yes to improving your own practices today.  I am going to slash the cost of the training in half. You can click the link below to snatch up that offer right now.

But on-wards and forwards with the top three money practices that allow me to grow my business revenue.

#1 Connecting with my money love story.
In order to make money, you must welcome it. Think about this, if money is a relationship like any other why would it want to come and spend time with you let alone stay if you are hating on it. Now hang in there darling, you might not even KNOW that you are hating on poor ole money who is just energy after all. We learnt about money and what we should think about it before we were 3!!!!  And maybe, just maybe, it is time to update those stories to better ones that actually allow you to grow your business revenue so YOU can do even more good in the world?

#2 Being thankful for what I have already
In order for business revenue to flow to me, I must be grateful for what I have already. I open up my account every morning and give thanks for what is in there, even it is $1, even if it was $0 I would give thanks that I have an account which is there for money to come to.  Being thankful creates an energy which attracts even more good things (you know this already).

#3 Setting monetary targets, measuring results, and being accountable for doing what it takes
This can where people start freaking out. They know that to acheive something you need to set a target. You don’t decide to loose weight and just start, you set a target, and you measure your progress. You do this because this is the proven way to achieve something. Making money is no different. Set your targets, make a plan to reach those targets, and measure your results EVERY day, not every second day, not once a week, and god forbid not once a month, EVERY DAY.  You would not correct your steering once you were in the ditch right? Hell no, you would make tiny little adjustments to stay on the road. Money targets are no different, making small daily adjustments is what keeps you on track!

These are the three money practices that are vital to your business revenue sky rocketing – how many are you doing?

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With much love (and kick up the pants today)
Empowering YOU to be great

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