Ripping the Plaster Off to Get the Results you Really Want

You wake up on a Monday morning full of hope for the week ahead. You had a great Sunday, you prepped your household for the week, you set your weekly task list and popped all of that into your calendar so it will actually happen instead of it being another task that languishes on your task list again. You got to bed early after a nutritious meal and some intense and eye-opening journaling session. You meditated using the mantra w*e*a*l*t*h as you drifted off to sleep. No wonder you have awoken pumped!


Or maybe not, maybe you did what 98% of the rest of the world did, you had a great Sunday alright, you had a sleep in, you went out for brunch, you watched some telly, you caught up with friends, you did a few chores, you ran around after the kids sports all day, chucked a meal together of mostly carbs and binge-watched your latest crush on Netflix before realizing it was 10 pm and you better get your relaxed arse into bed.

Which of the two scenarios above do you think awoke to feel on top of things on Monday morning? We all know the answer right, and you know what, we even all know how to live out the first scenario but very few of us do it.

But why, why don’t we choose ourselves, why do sabotage ourselves. Well, some people sabotage themselves because they actually don’t know any better – but that group does not include you darling.

You are serious about your business success, you know what you need to do, you have read all the books, you have followed all the podcasts that inform you of what to do and why it works. In short, you have all the information but it is the implementation part which trips you up… and that pisses you off! It is like falling off the diet waggon, you know you should stick to the plan that works, but some little gremlin instead just runs amok and makes you do stuff that you really don’t want to do.

You are not alone, nearly all the other serious business babes out there showing up every day making a difference in other peoples lives are also self-sabotaging themselves. The truth is that they could get to their desired goals so much faster than what they do if they tamed the gremlin inside of them that was causing them to self-sabotage.

I have a gremlin too, we all do. But I have put an ankle bracelet on my lil bitch of a gremlin and learnt how to tame her. And the results of that? fluffing amazing babe, I nail my days, weeks, months and years with ease, I feel great, and I have time on my side because I am organized and efficient. I want you to have that too so that you can get on with making a difference in the world.

How did I tame her? I did this…

I accepted some help! it is simply not possible to do this on your own if it was possible you would have done it already. Read that again. If it was possible you would have done it already.

What you need is someone to help you wrestle that gremlin to the ground, and chain her up and interrogate her until she coughs up the gnarly self-sabotage secrets that are you holding back. Then after dealing with those beliefs, giving a foolproof system tailored made to your unique needs which allows you to have the Sunday experience you read about at the beginning of this post.

If you want better business results you gotta have better systems. “But I don’t like systems, I value my freedom…” So does everyone babe, you are not alone in thinking that, but if you want REAL freedom (money and the time to spend it) then you gotta get real, you are not going to get the business results and the money you seek by refusing to do the work.

If you want better systems, you gotta have someone on your team who gets systems. Most people who get systems are not that great at communicating and many of them won’t understand your drive for your business because they are not here to change the world like you are. I am told that it is unusual for purpose-driven women to be able to create easily implemented systems, but I seem to be able to do it with my eyes closed.

If you are ready for better business results, a week that sees you achieving all your goals, and life that flows with ease, then do something about it. Contact me today and ask about the FemPowered Empire Building Subscription. You can check out the details by clicking the button below.

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