Leading Your Tribe into the Light – Your Role in Business Right Now

At this time more than any other in our lifetime, we are being called to lead.

We are seeing a mass reveal right now of a person’s real metal. We are seeing beneath the veneer and taking a peep behind closed doors.  A crisis always sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Those that are losing their cool, grabbing hold or fear and slipping down the slope with it, I celebrate for them too, because this is their chosen journey and one that will teach them a lot.  We do not need to pity them nor rescue them, for this too is for their greatest good.

But this article is for you, Leader of the Light. This article is for those who are ready to stand up and lead. And know that is you, darling. How do I know?

Well, you just read the statement “It sorts the wheat from the chaff” without sending me hate mail. I know you are made of resilient stuff and know that you are here to lead your tribe.

You have not fallen down the rabbit hole nor joined the Henny Penny the sky is falling Club, you have dug deep and accepted what is.

What is will be different for all of us, and I have no interest in debating “what is” let’s leave that for someone else.

What you have in front of you right now, that is: your business; your family; your support group; all of it…you bought that into being.  You created that.  What that looks like will be different for all of us. Some will be comfortable in the knowledge they will thrive, some may realize that they could have done more to prepare and be flexible.

If you have great systems and a plan to deal with crisis as they come you will now be in a strong place to lead and support your tribes.

What if you don’t have those things in place? That is ok too, you can STILL CREATE. Read that again, you can still create something from nothing right now. The trick is to get help and support from a person who knows how to do what you need to do. Chose a person who is resilient and focused, choose a person you vibe with.

Will you still be making money at this time? Possibly – and if so do NOT be ashamed of that. Just because you are here to lead does not mean that you should not be making money.

You are of worth, your products and services are of STILL of worth at this time, but you may also choose to show up in a different and additional way right now for your tribes too.  And that is just what I am doing, showing up and supporting as many people as I can in my free Facebook Groups, free coaching groups and making some of my courses free too. Why? Because that is what I am being called to do, but it will different for us all.

What you can do in your own business right now is this

  1. Connect to your client avatar and ask yourself this “Is this who I am really here to serve?” If yes carry on. If no, then ask yourself further “who am I really here to serve”?
  2. Go for a walk, exercise, meditate or do something else to clear your head
  3. Use this journal prompt “If I was really honest with myself right now, If I let down EVERY guard and acknowledged that no one will ever hear this but me, what do I KNOW without a doubt that I am here to do?
  4. Review your business, cull the parts you no longer resonate with
  5. Make a Pivot Plan, that is çhange up what you are doing to meet the new business criteria and way of operating. Note: I have long been shouting about being flexible, being nimble on your feet and keeping costs low and breaking all the rules, and now ya’ll are being forced to do it if you have not done so already.
  6. Get damned excited, be grateful for this SHOVE from the universe. I know I am, extremely grateful for this assistance and this time to reflect.


We shall emerge, darling, sparkly and fresh from the ashes.

We shall RISE together.

With Love and Light always, Michelle


PS – Right now these are some ways that you can still be connecting with your own tribes:

  1. * write a heart fleet blog
  2. * start-up a free Facebook support group
  3. * post positive affirmations
  4. * do a free webinar
  5. * Write some free content ie a course, a book, a song, anything
  6. * reach out to your customers personally one by one and ask how you can be of service right now

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