The More You Let the Real You Shine, the Better Your Business Will Succeed & Align

I have some great news for you.

Those feelings of GRRR and IRRITATION that you are feeling right now are a gift. They are a signal. And I invite you to explore them, don’t worry I will show you how – so that you can take a giant leap forward in your business.

Those feelings of grrr and irritation are actually little messages to you right now… they are inviting you to up-level, to take a giant leap forward in your business and your life. HOORAY, that is something to celebrate.

I know that those feelings are intense, and if you are anything like me you have been numbing them out these last few weeks with your choice of distractions: Mine was reading and exercising? But it used to be Netflix and wine. It does not really matter how you are distracting yourself, what matters is that you allow yourself to be still so that you can get clear guidance on the new directions that your business and life should be taking right now.

I know that you will be fighting this step because I was fighting it too. It is always a fight, I feel the fear and I let it get the better of me. But eventually, the messages (and the feelings of grrr) get so strong that I cannot ignore them any longer. And I am always so surprised that when I DO LISTEN to the messages that are:

* Never scary

* Feel wonderful

* Feel like such a natural step I wonder why I did not think of it sooner

* Feel really do-able in that all the ideas come ready formed

* Are inspiring beyond belief – downloading your new biz ideas feels like a month-long holiday has refreshed you somehow

I promise you darling, that taking a step towards your feelings right now will only ever be for your highest purpose and that it will make your business soar.

To find out what I do to tap into these messages which drive my business forward, listen to this replay of a live training inside the free business group Business Out Loud & Authentic. Just click to join and I will let you in… The more you let the real you shine, the better your business will succeed and align. Together we shall rise, With love and light always Michelle

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