The Day I Quit & Walked Away from $2K Weeks to Listen to my Soul

Do what makes you happy – such a fluffing over used phrase.


I happen to disagree with it to a certain extent!

Now let me explain up front, I ALWAYS do what makes me happy and so should you, but life is MORE than being happy.

Life is about being ON FIRE.

Being in flow, being on purpose, living ON PURPOSE and living from SOUL.

What the actual fuck am I talking about?  Walking way from $2K weeks and being insanely happy to up level to serve from soul.

And believe it or not, I have done this not once, but SEVERALtimes over. Just got up and walked away from a cushy life and damn good money.  Has it always worked out for the best? Yes actually it has.  Was it scary? Well maybe the first few times lol, but you see, I TRUST these days…

I TRUST that my soul knows what the fuck it is doing.

I TRUST my emotions and feelings more than I trust my thoughts.

And I certainly TRUST my souls purpose and my souls messages more than clinging to safety and that which is known.

You might well be wondering what I have done this time, and it does not really matter what, but to ease your curiosity, I have literally walked away from one of my businesses, i have pivoted yet again and literally handed it over to the person who is supposed to have it and make it their own.

What will I do now? Well work from soul of course, just like I always do!  But in an ever increasingly up-leveled way.

So watch this space darling!

Together we shall rise,



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