Is your pet increasing your sales?

Damn funny title, I know, but bear with me.

Do you own a pet? And if not why not? Flat wont allow one… move darling because pets increase your wealth.

A load of bollocks or true story – or would love to hear your opinion.

For me, pets definitely increase my wealth and my mojo flowjo.  Let me explain why. As an animal lover and ‘feeler’ of energy, when I cuddle (or even look at a pet) I feel an intense love which is beyond the natural realm. It literally makes me feel like there are sparkles dancing all around me. Seriously try this out… next time you are feeling hangry or just blah rate your energy levels out of 10 (10 being on fire), and look intensely at your pet for 5 minutes and rate your energy levels again.

I swear your pet has a magical ability to make you feel instantly better. Now I have some theories about this but I wont go into them here.  Suffice it to say that is a true story for me at least.

But what has feeling great got to do with business – well I am pleased you asked.

Feeling great has EVERYTHING to do with your business being on fire. When you feel great, you emit that energy, you know the kick-ass flow energy…. And when you emit that kick-ass flow energy peeps are attracted to you like wildfire.

And you really really really want to start feeling superfly for reals and not have to molest your animal all day long then its time to get into Building Business Resilience.  Click this link and find out more now.

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