I started out life very connected to my intuition and my purpose in life. I was lucky, I had parents who fully supported me. I lived in flow and I accepted who I was as a person because I was encouraged and supported to do that.
I was always entrepreneurial, it all started out with me selling eggs to my parents tea shop when I was 9 years old and progressed to me becoming my own boss at 18. I never accepted the status quo and always questioned ‘the way things were’ and I always found a ‘better way’ of doing things. I did not accept that the rules applied to me, I was never limited by the ‘stories’ that others told themselves because I new deep within myself that I did not have (and that others did not have to either). That made me pretty unusual, it isolated me at times, and it made people not like me – we are expected to conform and when we succeed despite our refusal to conform, we make others uncomfortable because it makes them challenge the status quo too, and that leads to all sorts of fear based thoughts (we are programmed to conform and be ‘accepted’ by the tribe).
I knew at 9 years old what I wanted to do with my life – heal other women, no seriously, I did. I did just that, I left school at 16 to peruse my dream and spend the $10K I had saved on a non-government funded course when university was free at that stage! I did not buy into the story that I I had to have a degree to succeed, and succeed I did! But then I got a degree anyway, just to prove that I could and took a corporate job, that is where it all started to fall apart.
I was led to a place of work which completely eroded my confidence. Because I was spiritually connected I made some of those people uncomfortable. And to make matters worse, I also did not conform to the way they did things, I did things in a different manner which took half the time and got twice the results – I think you can imagine the outcome.
Anyway long story short I ended up managing this place before getting fired in one of the most painful experiences of my life, and I had a nervous breakdown, literally. It was lowest point my life was ever to take, but the news is good, I then found a corporate job that healed my soul and restored my former belief in myself. This corporate job involved managing a wellness college and the wonderful CEO there let me lead with my heart and soul, and my intuition, and my usual completely out the box methods. They restored my soul, and I gave them a category 1 rating with the government (a big deal in education in NZ).
And now, that is the ONLY place I will EVER operate from, a place of flow, a place of love, a place of NOT doing things in a normal way. What do I want you take from this? You are normal, the REAL YOU, the quirky you that was never accepted is the person who will get the greatest results.
I simply cannot describe how amazing it is to live in this place of flow and love, of healing women, and having the best life you could ever imagine. If I can be fired from the same corporate place twice, and build a successful empire where I get to travel the world, empower women and live a life of wonder, so you can you! And that is what I do now, teach you how to flow with various coaching and courses which always starts with the Flow Method TM 3 step system and ends with you having a purpose aligned cranking business and a lifestyle you always dreamed of. The Flow Method is simple: Cutting the BS Programming to reveal the real you; Up leveling all areas of your life; Getting you into the flow lane where success is effortless. Sounds too good to be true? When I was stuck in my own personal corporate hell I thought so too, but the hundreds of women that I have successfully empowered into the Flow Lane stand testimont to this method.
So why did tell you all of this? Well, to help you see that life has its up and downs, some parts are grand, and some suck, but every, and I MEAN every single part is for a reason. The universe has your back, it really does. And when you can fully integrate this truth into your being then you can truly operate from flow, and flow my darling, is where you have the Midas touch. That is, when you are in flow, everything you do works out amazingly, opportunities just land in your lap, things ‘happen’ for you without any struggle.
But this flow can only happen when we are vibrating at a level of love. Now here is something important that I really want you take on board and mull over, maybe go and journal on it… LOVE IS OPPOSITE TO FEAR. Where there is love, there can be no fear. Where there is fear, love can not blossom. And here is the kicker, we live a society that feeds on fear, spreads fear, highlights differences, and moves us away from the high vibe we need to operate in flow and ease.
Is this starting to line up some of the dots for you? I hope so. I felt really drawn to share this message with you, and I have learnt not to doubt that intuition, I know this message was meant for someone special today.
If it was meant for you, and you feel drawn to find out more about being in flow, pm me for a chat.
Together, we shall rise, Michelle.

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