Your marketing can be fly as all fluff but if your not in love with what you are offering then your tribe is gonna FEEL that!

So I could give you a course on FB marketing, I could so you how to set up an ad, how to write a blog, how to do a sales pitch, but honestly, the fastest way to success and to clients reaching out to YOU instead of you chasing them is to operate from a place of true connection.

And therein lies the crux, we are not connected. Even when we FEEL connected we are not truly 100% aligned because there are so many fears blocking the path, these are just some of the things that I hear on the daily from my clients:

  • I can’t say that!… (yep you can, it WILL call in your tribe, we tend to water down what we say so as not to offend people)
  • I am not good with words (OMG you so are, you just have not yet tapped into the place of flow waiting for you)
  • But that’s not what people want… (so maybe you haven’t found your niche just yet)
  • My training/programme/guru said to… (cool, but what feels good to YOU)
  • If only I could just do… I would happy then…. (yep but only if it really soul-aligned not just the next craze)
  • But this is what makes money… (psst, you can make even more when you are in flow)
  • I just don’t have the time… (psst, you do, you just a couple of blocks that need smashing)
  • I will tell them what they want to hear and then give them what they need ….(this one just leads to unhappy clients and an unhappy you)
  • So and so uses blogs/podcasts [insert the latest craze] and that works for them (yep but does it work for and fit with you)
  • I feel so unmotivated (maybe, or maybe you just need to tweak your current business to better align with your values and your souls-purpose)

Wouldn’t you rather be on fire about what you are offering to the world? If your business has become a boring place to operate in if you feel like you are ‘selling’ instead of changing the world then its time to get truly aligned.


What is alignment even? Well, it is not as boring as you would imagine and it IS the secret sauce that all my high end coaching clients have, do you wanna hear it?

  • It is doing what your soul really WANTS you to do.
  • It feels super fly, you just cannot wait to leap out of bed to get on with your day.
  • Clients come and find you instead of you having to hustle.
  • Your life starts to flow, it has a knock-on effect on EVERYTHING, your relationships, your health, your wealth…

If this sounds like you, I am up to something secret, I am seeking 10 gals for a trial of a new programme that I am about to launch.

If you are feeling this message anywhere in your body, pm right now and so we can chat further darling.

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