About a year ago I unleashed a crazy message that went viral and got over 100,000 likes, and that message was about a little girl who tried so hard to be what everybody else wanted.
She tried to be a ‘good girl’ and she tried to be what society said she should be, but every day she died just a little bit more until she was just a crumpled pile on the floor,
a very pretty pile,
a pile with a gown and with a crown atop shinning away so that no one else even knew that she had disappeared.
And really they didn’t care that the little princess was not ‘all there’ and they didn’t notice that she was oh so quiet and reserved because that was, of course, befitting behavior for a little princess.
But the little princess was not quiet, she was dead on the inside, she had given up having opinions because they got her expelled from the kingdom, and she had given up feeling anything because to tap into her feelings would have her roaring with emotion – and that was certainly un ladylike behaviour!
So she quietly slipped away until all that was left was a shell, a pretty shell no less, one that people admired and commented on, one that people would call on for help because of course, all good little princesses are there to serve and please others.
And everyone liked that she would give and give and give until she felt all used up – because that suited them just fine. And she never dared to raise her head beyond the current chore because god-forbid she sees what her future held! that would have been the final straw.
So instead she did her chores, she ran around after everyone else, and at night she would continue to work but this time around the house, or if there was really nothing to keep her busy she would drink on distract herself with social media and netflix, anything distraction would do really – as long as she did not WAKE UP and realize that her life felt empty.
She felt unmotivated.
She did not resonate with her business anymore and thought about giving it all up.
She did not really like any of the things she used to enjoy.
And she thought – ah well, this is just how it is right?
But one day, the messages in her got so strong, they started yelling at her again, and she was distressed!
There is whole chapter eaten by the dog here…but… eventually she decided to say FUCK IT, I am not destined to be NORMAL, I am destined to BE GREAT.
And she decided to own that!
She swam against the tide!
She got a coach who was a bit ‘different’ and she started to remember who she really was all along, and soon her soul was shining through and she felt oh so alive, but more than that, she felt WHOLE.
She felt COMPLETE,
She felt ALIVE,
She felt INSPIRED,
It was a miracle that she could feel at all after all those years and when she looked back to the ‘missing decade’ as she now calls it, she realized that she was always this magnificent and that the whole kingdom still loved and supported her even though she was oh so different now.
If only she had revealed the real her earlier, but she acknowledges that everything is for a reason and that everything happens FOR her, so she is grateful that she woke up when she did, and she now vows to never be SAMEY SAMEY, or POLITE, or PLAY IT SMALL, or what others want her to be ever again because this REAL VERSION is where,
She gets to make a real difference in the world,
She gets to show the next generation that there is something worth living for and that something better is coming,
She gets to inspire people every day,
And oh yeah, she gets to make lots of money and be insanely happy too.
From one princess to another… I give you my heart, I give you my strength, I give you my boldness, I give you my unapologetic story of growth, and I vow to help every last one of you become what you have always been.



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