There are so many questions I get asked about group coaching.

People seem to want to do it, they see everyone else getting all the results and raving about their groups but they generally have these three concerns:

1. What if I look stupid, I’ve been in biz for ages but there is so much I don’t know, what if they are all smarter than me?

… we seem to think that others magically have all the answers and we have missed something vital along the way. Trust me you haven’t and you know more than you think you do – you ARE the expert of your business and all you need os a few little tips and tricks that will have you

2. I need some big heavy-duty help and my business coaching needs are unique. The group will be good for me, but only after I’m sorted.

This is a common one. You will be very surprised to learn that your needs are not as unique as you think. There are many types of businesses in the group coaching but all, yes all, require similar help. But don’t worry, you still receive one on one help in the group coaching. And as an added bonus, when someone is being coached you will be learning from them and picking up tips to use in your own business. This is the number one benefit that all my group coaching gals talk about. It’s almost like you can better absorb and reflect on the learnings when someone else is in the hot seat so to speak. This really does 10x your results.

3. What about if there are others in my industry in there who will steal my ideas?

One of the greatest things about group coaching is that you will learn THERE IS NO COMPETITION, no really, you all have a different focus, a unique client base, and different gifts. Often times the gals who were most concerned about this, in the beginning, are the most grateful of the support from someone else who ‘gets’ their industry. No one will be judging you in here, everyone in here comments on the beautiful support they receive from the whole group. Tears are ok. Anger is ok. Swearing is encouraged. Fun is compulsory. We have been told by society that business must be serious, nonemotional, but that’s just Bullocks. In group coaching, you will learn how to harness and use your unique superpowers. And all the gals in group coaching support each other, promote each other and provide feedback on courses, promotions, branding, etc throughout the week too.

If you are curious about group coaching, the best thing you do right now is have a no-obligation chat with me and we will see which option would work best for you. Oh, and you will come away from the call with an action you can take RIGHT NOW to shift the needle forward in your business. Click the button to book a time with me directly.

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