Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

You are putting one foot in front of the other, and most of the time you are even keeping up.
Your life is ok.
You are doing ok.
Things are ‘fine’
Don’t rock the boat darling.
Be grateful.
Give thanks for what you have and maintain the status quo.
Why change a good thing?
We have been bred by society to expect things to BE OK,
but I say fluff OK. I say reach for the stars baby, I say you can have it all so go big, really big, I mean grandeur, I mean go after the thing that your heart really really really wants to do even though everyone around you will think you are mad.
Start the business selling jellies.
Ditch the business you bought and do something completely different but on the same track.
Be BOLD for goodness sake.
If you jump, you will fly.
Yet we stay quivering in the corner in fear, we listen to the nay-sayers and we stay small and safe. We continue to put one foot in front of the other like a good girl and bring in the money and just be grateful.
Babe, you are not here to be ok, you deserve to have it ALL and you can have it all. So many times I coach someone who has a great business and with a few tweaks in the direction of their hearts desire they change the whole damn thing with ease, it just kind of falls into place for them because they let go of the notion of having to play by the rules.
You know I am not fond of ‘the rules’. The rules are designed to keep you tramping that damn treadmill, be happy, but not too happy. Be successful, but not too successful. Be you, but not all of you (no one wants to see THAT).
Your real passion is simmering just beneath the surface and all you have to do is unveil it. What comes next? Well, supercharged success of course. You simply cannot get it wrong when you are following what is in your heart and soul.  Honestly, it is the missing ingredient waiting to be found.
What are you waiting for, dig deep, connect, leap!
Say goodbye to the treadmill.
Say goodbye to OK.
Say goodbye to mediocre.
Say hello to a hell yes life.
Say yes to the soul.
Say yes to insane happiness and energy.
And it is all so much easier than you think.  Of course, it is easy, when you connect to what is really inside everything becomes crazy easy.  Those people you see having such an easy time of it? They are connected to the soul, and you can be too.
Feeling the tug of your soul but worried about stepping off the treadmill, let’s chat.

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