You think you must.

You think you must always be that person – the one that the world wants to see.

You think you must always be the on to it one.

You think you must follow the crowd, keep up, do the next thing… always the next damn thing.

You think you must hustle.

You know that success is coming, it is coming for you, you can fee it in your bones. This business of yours it is like crack cocaine, you can’t get enough of it.

It takes up all of your waking thoughts.
It controls your life (and you thought having your own business would free you!)
It is the centre of your world, it is your calling, it is your baby.

So why is it not working already?
Why are you so damned sick and tired of trying the next thing.
I AM DOING ALL THE DAMN THINGS you scream at your computer screen when you see yet another competitor nailing in the online space.

FUCK I might as well pack it in, there are too many people out there,
the market is flooded,
I just don’t have the bank balance to compete with that marketing,
That’s it, that is all it takes, one damn post on Facebook has your galloping down the freeway of I CANT DO THIS.
And your faithful ole brain, it says, but of course darling, you are right, we can’t do this…
and look at how exhausted you are,
and look the economy is bad anyway,
it would feel like so much sweet freedom to throw in the towel

That brain, it might love you, but here’s the thing it is SUPPOSED to keep you safe, so when you tell it you are a failure it will tell you all sorts of things so you quit so you do not have to continue to feel that damn pain.

And here’s the real kicker, it is not just your ole brain in on the game, but the universe, being your faithful servant, will also weigh in a set out to provide you with exactly what you are manifesting. It simply cannot tell between what you desire and what you are afraid of, as far as the universe is concerned, if you think something it is reality for you and it will start creating that for. Maybe not right now today, but you WILL be calling it in.

And for the slam dunk, golden globe award, your brain is now set in motion for its second function – proving your theory. Our brains like to ‘help us out’ by showing us lots of examples to back up our thoughts. Look over there, that person is also doing super well, and look there, your website is pretty shit, oh and where are all the clients, omg.

By this point you are done, just done.
Fuck the hustle, fuck the business, lets just binge watch netflix, or let’s make something pretty on canva, or get on with cleaning up the kid’s rooms, I mean, those all need doing, and they would at least be PRODUCTIVE.

Because when you are productive, your brain tells you are a good girl, the world thinks you are amazing, your eyes see the results and you get that whole positive feedback loop you are looking for to ease your mind.

So you do that for a while, but pretty soon your soul finally kicks in, it has been whispering the whole time, but the brain can shout LOUDER. When it all quiets down, your soul whispers in your ear,
are you there,
we can’t give up,
people need us,
I need you,
We got to find a way.

So you haul your ass back to your desk at 9 pm and sit there answering emails or posting on FB or looking for new products because that is working right?

Is it? is it working?
Or are you sick of this damn cycle?
Are you sick of feeling like shit?
Are you tired of the hustle?
Are you ready for flow instead?

I know this was long ole post, sorry not sorry, this message had to come out today.

it is killing you slowly,
you are trying to make it all work and you are really are a super star, but darling you are trying too damn hard.

The answer is actually easy,
the answer is you.

Yep, that’s right you.
You are waiting for the next big thing,
the one secret key to unlock your success.\,
the thing which will sky rocket your biz,
that secret 6 figure formula,
the magic missing ingredient that will complete the puzzle.

You know what I am talking about, those insta templates you bought which are gonna get you next-level clients, that email on-boarding system that someone wrote for you, that fancy CRM that will change your life.

But you are missing the point,
you are seeking answers externally,
The answers are in you.

You are the key,
you are thing you are searching for,
you will set your business on fire

Stop thinking that you need anything more than you and your soul,
start trusting you,
find your real message,
up-level you,
just decide that you are the cat’s pajamas and become all of you,
let go,
BE you.

Today darling, I call on you to step up.
Be all of you.
Trust yourself.
Back yourself.


You have tried all the damn things. Ok, ok, I hear you.
But have you tried letting go?
Have you tried reconnecting to your purpose?
I am talking about what your business is really for, you know, beneath the product and the fancy website, what is the difference you are making in the world?
What truly, madly, deeply excites you? – that thing.
Focus on that thing.

Then…don’t whatever you do write another damn to-do-list, but try this instead.
1. Think about your end goal, where do you really want to be in 5 years time, be exact and precise (remember you are manifesting your reality with your thoughts in any given moment)
2, Now what 2 or 3 things are most important in achieving that? It certainly is not your insta templates or CRM, what is the real work, the real change, the real things you should be focusing on?
3. Put that shiz in your diary, early, like 6 am, and get it done FIRST

This, I promise you will move the needle in your business.
You got this!
Are destined for great things.
I believe in you.

Together, we shall rise,

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