The organ chosen for promotion is… (yep the organ, you WANT to read this today, trust me)

I know you are hurting,
I know you try oh-so-hard,
I know you think about giving up,
And yet, your soul tugs you back time and time again.

There is an internal battle going on inside us,
our soul wants to reach out,
fulfill its purpose.

But our fears hold us back.

The truth is we have let our brains rule our lives,
and this is a bad idea because your brain should most definitely NOT be in charge.

Your brain’s purpose is to keep you alive, so of course, it hovers around like a nervous mother watching for danger – duh, that’s its role.
So thank you brain,
we love you,
you are doing your job.

But hey brain, I am afraid that you have been demoted.

Hey brain, you have HAD your turn at running the show,
and honestly, your performance was strong,
I am not gonna lie,
you had me convinced for YEARS.

But the break up is nigh, I am done with operating from fear, it is time to stand up, and stand up tall.

Oh no says the brain, but people HATE a tall poppy,
aha, yep, I hear you brain,
but see, I just don’t care anymore.

We are being called to stand,
to serve,
to change the world,
cause fluff knows it’s gotta change.

The organ which has been selected to replace the brain?
The heart,
of course, the heart,
the connection between you and your soul, is the heart,
the heart decodes all the messages so you can FEEL them in your body.
Which is damn handy right? Your body is actually a business tool, did you know that?
When you are working from a place of flow, then you can just tap into your body any ole time, and that fabulous little organ, your heart (actually you can use all of your body but lets run with it) will tell you if you are on the right track.

Yep, that’s right, no more struggle, no more flip-flopping, no more angst, no more tears,
check-in with your heart.

I can feel your doubt from here, I would have thought the same trust me, but for the last 7 years I have been making decisions exclusively using my heart, even the big ones, like buying a million-dollar property.
the good news is…
It has NEVER led me astray.

It is not an easy switch tho,
it will be hard,
you will doubt yourself,
and you will feel the fear.

We live in a society that poo-poos intuition,
that encourages you to analyze the poop out of every-little-thing.
We live in a society that shames us for being connected to emotions,
and so,
we learn to be strong,
to hide our emotions,
and tell the heart to shut-the-f-up.

And that makes us feel safe, we breathe a sigh of relief, we are finally fitting in, we will be accepted,
we get to stay in the clan,
we get to be a sheep,
to be controlled,
and we survive.

But soon enough, surviving is not enough, our soul is dying and we feel the death throws violently,
but we dare not talk about it,
we squash that shiz down,
we confirm,
and we numb out with NetFlix, wine, gossip, kids, busy busy busy.

Ouch but the pain, and we start to feel fear again, so we do the best we know-how,
we do whatever we can to please others,
serve others,
focus externally,
and when we do serve others we can breathe,
we get the endorphin rush,
the pain goes away,
we live another day.

But is it really living?
Is it?

Today sweetness, I give you my sincere love and all of my healing vibes, I loan you my strength, and I light a candle for your heart.
I hope that today,
even just for 10 minutes,
you will listen to your heart.

And when you find your message, even if it just a little squeak, please, share it, tell me, breathe some life into it.
Private message me even if you don’t want to put it here.

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