There is hope

As you meander through your life, your days unfolding before you, the years flying past, your yearning for success speaks louder than words, it fills your thoughts every day, you know that you are here for great things, certainly far more than what pops up in your diary today.
You know that you are here to change things, to shape the world. You might not how just yet, but you have had this feeling for as long as you can remember.

Sure there were times when you were fully absorbed in life, having kids, running around, and it was bliss, right? It was busy, but it was also bliss. Because you did not have to stretch, or grow, or put yourself on the line, you had a perfect excuse (valid I know, but an excuse none the less) to take it easy, to ignore the yearning to do big things.

Even before kids, in your 20s, you found a way to drown out that yearning with drinking and travelling, and friends. And that was bliss too. But what about before any of that, what about before you learnt to hide what you really wanted. When you were a kid, you used to shout from the rooftops all the grand things you were going to do in your life, how you were going to shape the world, how things were going to be different for you, how you were going to make a difference.

Then life happened, you got busy, you (god forbid) got real.
Real, what is that?
It is real to just trudge through another business day?
It is real to just make enough money to survive?
Is it real to have your husband think that you are playing at being a businesswoman?
Is it real to have a heavy heart?
A heavy soul?Unfulfilled dreams?
It is real to settle?
It’s time to wake up sleeping beauty, it is time to kiss the lips of that beautiful, connected, and brave little girl who was filled with dreams,
who knew exactly what she wanted, who was here to change the world.

Wake up,
Wake up,
Wake up and start dreaming.

Why settle?
Where did the bravery go?
How did you suddenly find yourself this hollowed-out, dropped out, fearful, pale version of you?
What happened to changing the world?
Where did you go?
You are being called back,
back to your destiny,
back to living life on purpose and out loud,
back to shouting insane things from the roof-tops,
back to being the real you.

It’s time to feel the immense and immeasurable glee, joy, whole-hearted enthusiasm of your youth. You can have it back – it IS yours. Claim it.
It is time to stop settling and to stretch, because if not know, then when?
When will YOU be insanely happy?
Insanely connected?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not down for surviving anymore, it is thriving or die trying.
I am here to change the world, and psst, I KNOW that you are too.
I am calling you out,
my soul is calling your soul,
It is time,
time to rise,

time to take that risk,
time to fly,
time to succeed,
time to follow your bliss and get all the damn goodness, and all the results, and all the clients, and all the time and freedom.

You CAN have it all, you just have to ask.

Together we shall rise,

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