What is change?Change is up-leveling,
change is always a step up. Think about the last big change for your business (or in your personal life).
At the time it might have felt uncertain or hard, but ultimately it led to even better things right?

Let’s not beat around the bush, in order to grow your business and grow your personal wealth and happiness you gotta up-level. You simply can’t get new results with the old methods, old beliefs, and old resources that got you to where you are now.  

I am not saying there is no merit in those old things because there is, they were fabulous, they kept you safe and they kept you fed. But darling you are here to do more than survive, you are here to thrive. 
And when you thrive, when you have all the money, all the happiness, all the clients, all the insane connection that feels like you are on fire, well, you ARE on FIRE.  
That suped-up feeling like you are a boy-racer car, the universe feels that energy too and so does everyone around you. This is why you want to be around up-leveled people, it feels great, you want some of that energy and feeling to rub off on you.

Yet there is something that no one is talking about.  
But up-leveling only feels like hard work because we have trouble with the release.Today we talk about a few things:
* Why the up-level is required in the first place
* What the up-level is all about
* Why you feel icky as you move through the transition of up-leveling
* How you can be derailed from up-leveling and what to do about it

Here are a few good reasons why up-leveling is a requirement rather than a nice to have.

The up-leveling benefits not only you but those around you, as your vibe increases it adds to the collective energy around you and lifts others upAs you up-level you open new doors previously hidden from youWhen you up-level you WILL inspire others to do the same – usually through triggering them painfully, but that’s just the way it happens, we would not choose to grow if things were all honkey dorey and comfy comfy.

If you are not up-leveling you are becoming extinct – a computer gets a software update every 6 months or so, and if it does not, then pretty soon it cannot cope with the daily expectations required of it.When you are up-leveled you are AWESOME to be around, you are a better mum, a better friend, a better provider to your clients.

So what is the up-level all about? Well, it is about swapping out the old and letting in the new, but as with a cup of tea, you cannot pour more into the cup until you have tipped some out first. And that is where we get stuck. We have trouble with the release.

And the reason we have trouble with the release is that we are AFRAID.
I am gonna let you on a big secret…You are supposed to feel afraid and you will never not feel afraid!
I know it’s not what you want to hear babe, but it is time for you to hear it. If you are waiting for the day when you have ovaries of steel and you can just stomp around making brave decisions here, letting go there, and up-leveling here, then you are wishing not living.

Your brain is wired to be afraid. Your brain’s whole job is to keep you alive, and it does that by highlighting dangers for you.

When you lived in a tribe if you did something ‘different’ you put the whole tribe in danger and you would be ostracized, and what you are feeling right now, as you try to up-level and move in a new direction is exactly the same you would have felt if you decided to leave the cave and live in a tree instead.
* People would say you were crazy
* You would be told that you did not have what it takes to do that, you are a cave dweller, I am only saying this to keep you safe dearest darling tribe member, I don’t want you to fall from the tree and die
* You might hear whispers of you being ‘selfish’ (gasp, there is literally no harsher judgement right?) because if you go and live in a tree then who will take over the role of watch out in the tribe? And what if you being in a tree makes the kiddies follow your suit, and they could die too? And what if a lion is alerted to the tribe’s cave because your scent now wafts further afield?  “It’s not all about you Janine” 
* And you would be told “well if you leave, don’t come grovelling back here when it all falls apart”

Sounding familiar?
I am getting a pain in my chest just typing out these triggers.
We want to be safe, we want to be loved, and as women, we have a quadruple dose of wanting to make others happy and feel comfortable.

But when you up-level it is NOT comfortable for other people.They WILL say throw away comments that hurt.You WILL feel ostracized.
But change is always the right move.  

The sad truth is though, that being a leader, being at the forefront of change requires you to be brave enough to bear the brunt of others pain as they struggle to be as brave as you.  And the only thing that gets me through these painful times of ostracization is the knowledge that it is ABSOLUTELY required to pave the way for others. If I don’t step up and do it, then others might have to stay where they are FOREVER in the place of playing small and being miserable. And it makes me sob, the pain in my heart is like a sledgehammer, and I just HAVE to be brave because I cannot bear the pain of watching society believe they can’t have it all, that they don’t deserve the happiness, that success if for someone else. 

So, I shall rise another day, 
and uplevel yet again, 
and feel the burn of pain anyway, 
and celebrate what small changes I AM able to make in the world.
Will you join me?

To move beyond the pain of up-levelling there are a number of things that you can do:
Accept that when you up-level everyone wins
Accept that change is inevitable and the someone leading the way might as well be you
Accept that you will make others uncomfortable – this discomfort is what triggers a change in others so celebrate it
Accept that others will talk about you and think you are crazy (the guy who discovered that the other planets did not revolve around us was put under house arrest it frightened others so much)
Be kind to yourself, talk walks, breathe deeply, eat well

The easiest and fastest way to up-level is with a coach. I am not saying it just because I am a coach, I am saying it because that is my experience. I have a coach too, up-levelling is hard and I have a big job to do on this planet, if I am going to bravely empower women and stand up and say what no one else is saying, then I need to up-level at a super-fast rate, and that is only possible with assistance. It is really hard to see our shiz, but someone else can spot it from a mile away.

So go forth and conquer your fear, snap that elastic band on fear and ping forwards into change, into your sparkly up-levelled future and get on with changing the world.

Together we shall rise,

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