You are your secret weapon.  You have always been far more powerful than you believe you are, yet deep down you have also always suspected that you are powerful.

Sometimes you get glimpses of that power, sometimes that power surges up through your body and you feel alive, ontop of the world like you could do A N Y T H I N G, and in that glorious moment you know that you are destined for great things, you know that you have what it takes to change the world, make it a better place.

Stand in your power, stay with it, don’t push that magical feeling away because you feel like it is nonsense, you couldn’t possibly be here to change the world, you just felt weird for a moment.  Don’t think oh yeah I will have to save the world after this load of washing has been folded.  Sit up, take notice.

Those feelings, they are your soul coming forth, it is nothing weird, it has always been there, guiding you, helping you, supporting you. Those feelings in your body are just clues, cues as to your next best move.

I know it sounds super strange that a business coach is suggesting that your body and feelings make great decisions, but they do.

I have been following my body cues and listening to my soul for a long long long time, so I can tell you from experience that my soul makes much more profitable decisions than my head. But I let the fear in sometimes too, I don’t want you to feel bad for being human, cause that is not going to change – your brain’s whole purpose is to scan for danger and keep you afraid so that you stay alive.  But I say fuck surviving, it is time for thriving.

I am done with seeing people scrape by.

Done with seeing people playing down their gifts.

Done with seeing people not being paid properly for bringing their gifts to the world.

Done with seeing people pushing joy away.

done with seeing people being hurt.

It is time R I S E  U P.

It is time to stand in your power.

It is time to shine.

The only thing that stands in your way, is you.

I know that is hard to hear, boy oh boy was it hard for me to hear all those years ago.

But my journey to success, my journey to freedom, my journey to a life of utter fucking joy was accepting that I was here to do bigger things, and sure it means that I am a little different to other people, I feel that all the time and I am guessing you feel it too. But when I finally accepted the role I am here to play out and that the only way to finally have all the success and all the joy was to stop being my own damn barrier.

And that my lovelies, is why I am so damned determined to bring your joy out, to have you living life at full throttle, to have you doing your purpose work and being paid handsomely for it because I want you to feel the same.  And even bigger than that, hold onto your nightie honestly this gets even weirder…. when you are feeling super fucking fly, then the whole world will smile with you, when you vibe at a level of freedom, of connection, then you are actually healing the earth.

And the path is so much easier than you think it is.  If you are ready to feel amazing and really get in touch with your soul, bring your purpose to the fore, bring joy into your life and others lives, to live out loud and in purpose and claim all the success and all the happiness and all the rewards then all you have to do right now is start looking for the little sparks of joy.

That really is it, the first step, is to find the joy. I have written a whole book on finding your joy if you feel you need to it, but for now, note down what brings joy to your five senses…

I love the smell of lavender.

I love the feeling of the sun on my face at 7 am.

I love the taste and feel of freshwater.

I love the feel of my silky soft doggo.

I love the sound of the birds outside my office window.

Together, we shall rise,


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