Quit The Damn Hustle

Your higher self wants you to know that you are already everything you are meant to be,

everything you need to be,

you have all the tools,

you are already worthy.

S O.   S T O P.   W A I T I N G.   &.   S T A R T.   L I V I N G.


We wait patiently for success to fall in our laps yet we push it away with thoughts of lack every day.

We long for a partner to treat us the way we deserve to be treated yet we attract less than we deserve with our lack of self-worth.

We strive for a lithe strong body and vigor yet choose ill health over and over again.

We push and push and push to be perfect, to get more done, to be worthy, yet we miss the whole damn point.


You are already perfect.

You are already worthy.

All you have to do is let in all the good things you desire.



Let me explain because this is truly so simple that it is hard to explain.

The universe wants you to have everything you desire if it supports the good of all creations. So if you want your brother-in-law to fall ill you are out of luck. But if you want more time and space, you shall be granted that, if you want to be treated as an equal you shall be granted that too, if you want a bigger house, you shall be granted that too.

You see the universe wants you to have WHATEVER will make you feel amazing because when you feel amazing you can be your best version self, you know, nice to others, doing your purpose work.

No really, you DO have purpose work to do, we are all here for a reason, and lots of reasons are not grand, they don’t have to be grand according to our skewed first world perceptions of what is worthwhile. You don’t have to save thousands of people. You might be here to help small business owners understand numbers so they can get on with doing their purpose work and not be fretting about numbers and hence dropping into lower energies all the time. You might be here to bring joy to the soil and micro life in your garden, when you send out love (like when you love your plants and time in the garden) you are healing the world not just your own garden and your own health.

The energy that we create has a ripple effect.  Consider this, if you are having a bad day are you the best kindest self? Do you do your best work? Do you bring joy to others? I know I don’t. But if I start my day at 5 am with some doggy cuddles, then some yoga and meditation, and then share a message with the world to live in joy (that is my purpose work :)) Then I feel amazing. So you see, the universe wants me to have all the resources I need to do that, the money, the time, the yoga mat, all of it.  So here are some questions for you…

If having everything you need to be your fabulous self and contribute in a way that heals the world, why would you:

a) not ask for it?

b) not feel worthy of it?

c) feel like you to STRIVE rather than just ask and allow it in?

d) push what you seek away with fear thoughts?


Let me hazard a guess as to the answer. It is because you do not believe in FLOW.

Now, this is the bit where you get triggered. YOU are stopping it. Now that does not necessarily mean you are to blame, but it does mean that you have control of your ultimate outcomes.

We push away that which we seek for a number of reasons.

  • Society has taught us that it is selfish to ask for things – this is lack thinking 101, if I get something there is not enough left over for everyone else
  • Society and religions tell us not to be greedy – more lack thinking, have you ever run out of air? We live in an abundant universe
  • We believe we are not worthy – we want it but feel that we are separated from God/our maker/ our higher selves (or whatever you choose to connect to) and therefore feel we should not ask to be supported
  • We feel insignificant and unworthy – surely I will only be supported if I give up all money and work to save elephants in Thailand
  • We wait for the resources we need to come instead of just letting support in – when I have X amount of dollars I will get support then, but this is topsy-turvey, ask for the support, how you get it is none of your business! Let the universe provide it, who says you even need to pay for it? You see when you operate in FLOW things just ‘work out for you’ they kinda just fall in your lap
  • We think that we are alone, we think that we must DO IT ALL ourselves, that it is each woman for herself, and that is perpetuated in society
  • We think that since we are unworthy we must prove our worth by being of value to others – providing jobs for others, being the mum who bakes all the cakes, and does reading support. We are seeking approval and when it does not come (people are too worried about not being worthy themselves to notice your efforts) we take it as proof that we are not worthy and so the cycle continues.

And honestly, this whole striving cycle will continue and continue and continue until you snap.

The universe will give you plenty of warnings and clues along the way but if you are like me (and most other people) you will ignore the signals until a crisis point is reached. Just like with a niggle in your body, if you don’t listen to the whispers you will be forced to take notice of the shouts.

The answer is to simply let go and flow.


LOL I am sitting here shaking my head because it is SO FAR from simple that it is not even funny. The principle is simple enough but doing it is tough – it goes against everything you have been taught and have experienced so far.

But when you finally get it, you will have everything you desire and be able to be your best version self and live in joy doing your purpose work – and I want that for you!


Have a blessed day.

Together we shall, Michelle

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