Clearing the Noise Pollution Matters To Your Results

NOISE POLLUTION is a real thing.

If I look back over my life at the things that have made the biggest difference to the results that I get and the joy that I experience, it would be without a doubt be reducing noise pollution.

Noise, there is just always so much noise.

❓ Where is the peace we cry? Yet we allow the chaos into our lives without even knowing it.

❓ Why am I so exhausted we wonder? Yet we allow distractions to sap our energy.

❓ Why can’t I just concentrate we mutter? Yet we remain oblivious to the chaos around us.


I don’t know about you, but I have been surrounded by noise, and that noise (if I am honest) has always overwhelmed me. Now I am going to make a wild assumption here, that you are here to do good in the world, and that being soul-led like you are, means that you are also sensitive to chaos like I am.

I am sensitive to all sorts of damn chaos actually,
bright lights,

And it was not until I was older that I realized this, actually, I can’t even pinpoint when the penny dropped, but thank god it did.  When I did finally acknowledge that despite being an extrovert (a loud one even) that constant noise and chaos were doing me in, I was able to make some changes that allowed me to start showing up as my best version self and doing even more good in the world.

I won’t say that making changes to my life was easy, and there was certainly some backlash. And there is still backlash when I ask for what I need without shame.

Because society told me that I had to be polite and engage socially,
that it was rude to retreat,
that it was selfish to seek time to myself,
that we have to live and let live and compromise.

If you let chaos into your life, you get more and more and more overwhelmed.
How many damn posts do you see about avoiding overwhelm? Am I right or am I right, everyone seems overwhelmed!

And I get it, life IS overwhelming!
So why do we add to it?

And we add to it in so many ways that we don’t even notice it anymore: social media; kids fighting; TV blaring in the background; toxic energy; others’ opinions; guilt trips of our and others doings; others fear mindsets; jealousy; the should do’s we place on ourselves.

No wonder we are overwhelmed.

But what can we do to reduce the noise pollution and claim back a little slice of peace for ourselves amongst the chaos that is life?

Choose a book instead of social media.

Say no to the invitation and have a bath instead.

Say hell no to the SHOULDs in your head and do what feels fun instead.

Turn off the TV, go into another room.

Ask for time alone, I would say demand it but early days, right?

Breathe deeply and fully.

Instead of checking your messages, stand outside and let the sun fall on your upturned face.

Notice one thing you love the smell of.

By reducing the noise pollution you will not only reduce the overwhelm and find peace, but you will also start to tap into your own source of wisdom and that, my darling, is a whole other blog :).

Wishing you a sparkle filled day.

Together, we shall rise,


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