What if You Just Allowed The Results to Come to You?

The secret to better business results is in allowing the results to come to you.  When we think about business and getting bigger and better business results we drop into striving. You know what I am talking about, it goes something like this…

  1. You get a great idea plop fully formed into your mind when you are out doing something fun – of course, because when you are connected to soul all the great ideas come rushing forward
  2. You feel amazing, alive, tingly, excited af
  3. Then you get back to your office and you start nutting out HOW
  4. Now you feel apprehensive, what if people don’t like the idea, how will you do such and such?
  5. You feel the pressure, the niggle, and a small amount of adrenaline floods your body
  6. This adrenaline won’t let you still and concentrate and you end up distracted
  7. You come back to your idea hours later and think ‘oh well, never mind, pie in the sky’

Sounding familiar?  Don’t worry we all do it.  I spent YEARS, centuries possibly, coming up with fantastic ideas, getting excited, then tanking with doubt and fears. Or, worse yet, actually doing the great idea bravely and getting shit results. And now I know why I got the shit results, it is because on top of the cycle above I added a whole new one…

  1. Create the idea from the brain not the soul
  2. promote, promote, promote from a place of fear
  3. worry about promotions further smothering great idea with yuky energy
  4. wonder where it all went wrong

The key to getting better business results is actually really simple, so simple you might not believe me.

Are you ready for it?

There is no HOW just ALLOW.

This has become the mantra for my Business Group and it is powerful af.  Ask for what you want clearly, and release the HOW. The how is none of your business. The idea came from soul, let soul figure it out!

Now, this is the message that I downloaded for you today, sit with the message and see how it feels in your soul, I would love to know whether you feel this to be a core truth for you too?

When we create space, we are able to shift and morph. Space creates a magnetic pull that calls in that which we create in our minds – manifestation 101 if you like.  Without space, the calling in gets distorted. When we ask and then create doubt by dropping into HOW we are creating a push-pull energy which creates a friction that is heating us and the earth up, creating frustration in an endless cycle.  Ask, release. Ask, release. Ask, release.

We are manifesting topsy-turvey.  We are asking for what we want and then dropping straight into striving.  The way we should be doing it is to ask clearly for what we want, then RELEASE.

Easy huh?

Ok, I agree it is not easy. It is harder than it sounds because our brains are wired to look for danger.  You see, our brains sole purpose is to keep us alive, so it must look for the danger and point it out to you – but you CAN say to the brain “oh yeah, cheers for that, thanks but I got it” and then carry on your merry way. Over time, by listening to your brain and dropping into fear you have done two things (which luckily can be reversed):

  1. You have conditioned your body to adrenaline flooding
  2. You have told the brain it is in charge

I say it often, and I will say it again (and again and again) FIRE THE BRAIN it is not in charge, it works for YOU.

Your soul makes far better decisions, give it a pay rise.

If you are ready to release and listen to soul and get better business results then you are going to need a team of like-minded people around you. It is a process. It is a whole new way of being.  And the people who are starting to wake up this new way of doing things are going to change the world, shift us into a new era where joy abounds and fear is reduced. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to see some changes in the world.

Together we shall rise,


This group of soul-driven business queens mashes together the business know-how with soul creation to get results that out of this world. If you are ready for better business results, the results that come from ease and flow instead of struggle then find out more about this group now.

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