Becoming Who You Always Were

It is time to start living.
It is time to crawl out from under the rock and look around.
You have denied your greatness for too long.
You have dulled that shinny light for what feels like forever.
You have done EVERYTHING for everyone else, and you fool yourself that that makes you feel ALIVE.
But you and your soul both know the truth you have been hiding.
I can see it sister cause I did it too – for a fucking long time.
You pretend that doing for others fills your soul.
You make your life pretty. It looks and feels amazing to those looking in, yet your soul yearns.
It YELLS at you, it screams, and you yet you push it down, time and time again.
The shoving down of your real mission here on earth,
your pushing down the QUEEENESS that is striving to break through those damn barriers you erected to contain your greatness.
Cause no one likes a show-off
!Settle down petal, who do you think are!
But what they really mean is “don’t be too great, you will make me feel bad, inadequate, and good girls don’t do that”
You have been playing it safe, your life is ticking alone (barley) and so you can tell yourself that things are just fine. I mean, be grateful right? Bust out the gratitude journal and live it on up, yep, keep pretending like THIS is who you are born to be.  
But you know you are meant for more, you know that your soul is fucking itching to be released. You can feel the barely contained power within you, but yet you deny its existence, bury it in busy work, distract it with social media and Netflix, full up your life so damn full of kids activities and household chores that you can pretend that you don’t have the time right now.
Well, darling, you are right. You don’t have time. Time is running out. We are entering a new era, and it is time to get on board and LEAD. It is time to own your Queeness, it is time to let the sparkle flow.
It is time to be brave.
It is time to leap.
Together, we shall rise,

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