You ARE the Answer You Seek

Today what I want to help you remember (because we all know this at a soul level) that you are the answer you seek.
I want to impart to you today that you are far more powerful than you know (or remember).
Do you remember being a kid, and you felt you had all the power in the world to create your dreams? and you did, kids are great manifestors right? Because they don’t drag around the core wounds and bullshit that we adults do. They tap into their inner knowing and they call forth whatever the hell they want.
Yet as we grow we learn to seek answers externally, we are led to believe that we do not have the power to create that which we seek and that is where the avalanche begins… have you ever noticed that your anxiety ramps up when you have been focused externally? When you have been absorbing the news? listening to a fear monkey prattle on? engaging with social media?
Why do you think I live on a hill surrounded by forest and keep to myself? Cause the power is HERE with me. Often times people say hilarious things to me like omg do you watch (let’s say, Bene Brown, people often say I say stuff similar to her) you should, you sound just like her. It has me in hysterics, no I don’t watch her, I dig into my own soul (just as she is doing) and that is how I get so much done, that is my secret – I tap into ME and my universal KNOWING.
You cast about for the clue, the missing puzzle piece, the one thing that will unlock the torrent of your success, the happiness, the money that you know is coming, the difference you know you are here to make in the world. You can feel it coming, even if you fall into doubt, often, and hard, there are days when you can see clearly and reach forward for the mirage – and then your heart breaks all over again as it shimmers and shatters just as it is within your grasp.
Just as you unfold, just as the secrets begin to reveal themselves to you they begin to waver and shimmer like the lie you are starting to believe they are, and you dive into the pain, the frustration, and then the distractions, the procrastination, the sabotage, sometimes you even chase that dragon all the way to the bottom and get close to giving up, the posts pour out to your support network, who else is struggling? what is the answer?
The answer is you.
The reason the mirage shimmers before you and shatters into the ether before your eyes are cleverly (if I do so myself) hidden in the words that have been downloaded for you today.
You reach forward.
You are reaching.
You are seeking externally to yourself.
You are placing faith in your internal vision and then reaching outside of you to bring it forth.
It is WITHIN you.
Reach within, that is where the answers lie.
We give too much energy away, we place too much stock in what is out there, the next system, the next shiny thing.
Yet what we seek is within us already.
You have all the answers and your solution is going to be unique. Sure you need the strategy, but you need the belief in yourself even more.
And here is the kicker, our society (unwittingly) sets us up to NOT believe in ourselves, it shows us how to not trust ourselves, it places value on external results, it helps you to forget who are truly born to be. But others (just like you) are beginning to awaken, beginning to unfold, beginning to bring forth the greatness within – and it is you who I call out to today.
Be brave.
Be bold.
Dig deep.
Take the actions that move you closer to you and your real purpose here.
Find a solution that gives you what you need while calling you back to the belief in yourself at the same time. Work with the ones who match your energy, your belief, your soul.
Together, we SHALL rise,

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