The Fatal Marketing Mistake

There is a ‘thing’ that you are just not getting about messaging and marketing.
There is a ‘thing’ that you are pretending not to know about messaging and marketing.
There is a little part of you deep inside that is cringing when you do your messaging and marketing.

Your soul wants you to know that there is a whole other way to DO messaging and marketing that has nothing to DO with DOING.
In fact, it is so damn much easier than what you have been doing already.

My high-end clients say to me all the time “oh yeah, that, say that again, that is the exact words I want to use” and then ask “how do you DO that? Get the messaging and marketing so bang on?”

Well, make sure your hair is clipped back cause I’m blowing the bullshit all the way off today.
I am sharing my golden secret with you about messaging and marketing.

Here is what usually happens, we think about what we want to say,
Then we think, oh I can’t say that though,
Then we make the words pretty and palatable,
Then we conjure up whatever marketing guru we are currently listening to and follow their ‘pattern’,
Then we go back to it a few more times to check it is all good and tidy,
We might even run it through a headline checker,
Or we might ask a friend,
And then we alter it a bit more, yeah that’s it, we have nailed it.
But we don’t feel comfortable with it… Why the hell not?
It looks perfect after all.

And THAT sugar is the problem, it LOOKS perfect.
If it looks perfect, it is not from SOUL,
Soul is messy,
Soul is raw,
Soul is powerful AF,
Soul sounds a little bit bold and brash and maybe a bit off her rocker.

When you finally step up to be the leader that you are always born to be,
that is when you will let out your message.
And that is when you message will be heard.

But while you insist on playing this game of “oh I couldn’t say that”
and ” I must be perfect”
and “that’s not what the marketing guru’s say”
Then you will continue to be stuck in the place where you messaging and marketing aims, fires, and misses the mark.

Ok, here are THINGS you need to know. When you are next doing your messaging and marketing from a place of soul, these are the things that your soul tribe, your soul mate clients REALLY want to hear from you.
1. Does this offer/message vibe with me?
2. Is this offer/message aligned to the growth/support/solution that I need?
3. Do you the seller believe in your own message/offer?

When your tribe read your messaging and marketing they DONT CARE about the steps, the tools, the how, the want to FEEL it. Women and other aligned souls make decisions based on feeling and then they apply the logic later, they will make it make sense so their brain confirms they made a good purchase, YOU do not need to CONVINCE them they are making a good purchase, you just have to be TRUTHFUL!
That’s it. That is really it. Be honest, don’t get tied up in fancy words and killer structure leading your client from cold to sold. If you just message and market from your soul to theirs they will get it and they will buy it.

You already know how to be you.
Your soul is already talking to you.
You know how to DO business.
But do you know HOW to mash together your soul and your business?
Cause that is the secret.

And that is why my coaching includes work on YOU along with your business.
You cannot separate them out. Well, actually, you can and do separate them out, but when you smash them together when you begin to dance in the flow space where soul leads your business to success, that is when your messaging and marketing will start hitting the mark every time.

If you are just done with waffling around trying to figure it out on your own, then take bold action today and talk to me about The Business Acceleration Club, or find out more here.
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Together we shall rise

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