You Are Different, Own That, & Succeed

Why are you denying that you were born to lead?

You feel different right?
You have ALWAYS, if you are honest, felt different.
You seemed to vibrate at a different level somehow than everyone else. You got things, could see patterns, and just knew how things would roll out before anyone else did, and you thought that everyone else could do that do – but they can’t.

After a while you dumbed that shit down cause “no one likes a know-it-all” and the VERY LAST thing you wanted was to stick out more, christ, you already felt like an Alien.

So down you shoved all that “knowing” and off you trotted into the mediocre sunset, you blended, you had fun, and god, you built a great business, and better yet, it HELPS people.
And so we tell ourselves that we are doing ‘enough’, that we are ‘happy’ that this what we are called to do.

But every now and then you feel a tug, you feel a niggle, you feel god forbid DISSATISFIED.
And that feeling is followed quickly by GUILT, how dare you be an ungrateful sod, there are people who would LOVE to be in your place, and your folks are ringing in your ears “just be happy with what you have [insert name], you are always striving, looking for the next thing, just take a breath.

But you feel like you cannot breathe, the air is all gone, you a gasping fish out of the water.
Why, oh, why do you have to be so weird?
Look at all those other happy people, settling for what they have, being happy. What is wrong with you?
Why can’t you be the same?

Well, my queen, you are not the same. The feelings are NEVER going to go away.
Hard to swallow I know.
Because, you, are born to lead.

You are NOT NORMAL for a reason.
If we all just settled for what is, stopped striving, stop creating from the soul there would be no forward progression of this earth, nor of the people on this earth.
You are here to LEAD and I am here to LEAD YOU.

It is time to rise up.
It is time to embrace your weirdness.
It is time to shine a light on your own brand of geek and light the way for others to change.
As you rise, as you stand out, others see your difference and feel safe to grow also.

So even though you don’t wanna! and trust me I hear you… the feelings won’t dissipate, you will not find real peace until you fulfill your potential.

Those here to lead need support, and that is just what my Business Acceleration Club provides, it is a place for the leaders to shine, to grow, to get brave, and of course… to grow their businesses because THAT is where all the magic happens.

Book a call with me, the club starts in less than 2 weeks, and we are currently indulging in pre-training shenanigans. If you feel this message calling to you, then don’t delay, book a no-obligation chat with me today. Click the blue button below.

Remember, together we shall rise,

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