Why Happy Entrepreneurs Get More Clients

Happy Entrepreneurs get more clients. They get more clients because they are more magnetic.  Now let me explain…

Your levels of joy are directly related to your levels of sales! Don’t believe me? Try having a week where you feel like shit and watch what happens to sales.

Your vibe and the energy you emit is what makes you magnetic to your clients – plus I mean – it feels waaaaay better right?

And it is one of the many reasons that having a coach and especially being involved in a group coaching where the facilitator keeps the vibe high help you to get banging results. That is why my new group coaching babes are sparkling already. One of them landed 4 new clients this past week – and we have only done one coaching session so far. But we work first on mindset and bringing yo-sparkle you see, that is why we get such quick and outstanding results. How cool is that?


Anyway, that is why you might see me being relatively ‘normal’ on the top half, but it is sparkle central below the screen. What you wear makes a MASSIVE difference to how you feel.  And wearing my Trelise Cooper Tutu makes me feel sparkly AF! and horrifies my teenager which just ups the fun as far as I am concerned 🤣




So what can you do to raise your fun levels and sparkle today? Here are some ideas…





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