The re-awakening of your birthright abundance

Do You?

Work so hard?


Love to get compliments?


Refuse to be anything other than strong?





Read it and then read it again, and then keep reading it, until you understand at a soul level, just what this means for you and your business!



We have turned off and tuned out! Our souls messages are there for the picking (and thriving) but they fall on deaf ears.

We tune out the messages and brush them off as nonsense.  All of us!  And it goes something like this…

You are guided somehow to turn your business in a new direction, to try something off the wall, this idea hits you while you are in the shower, while you driving your car, while you are running in the forest or swimming in the sea. And the message, the idea, it feels so fucking ALIGNED right? 

Whew, that power that you feel so intensely! It’s a slap in the face, a warm embrace and a kick the jacksie all rolled into one.  Your skin tingles, you feel a deep sense of peace and for a few blissful seconds you float in the certainty that you ‘have the answer by Gorge’ *insert a good ole English accent and a fist swing up to the heart. And the excitement builds…

But before you know it, your mind is turning to HOW,

How will you deliver this?

What if this, or that happens?

Oh, but so and so said/does/warned that…

And crash, smash, burn baby, burn! Your fear crashes yet another grandly soul guided idea to the ground, and then grinds it into the dirt…. Pretty soon you are berating yourself for even having such a stupid idea. “For goodness sakes, get your head out of the clouds Michelle and be practical” or insert your particular childhood admonistration…


And so the cycle continues, the boring old cycle. The one where your soul pulls out a mamoth effort to shine through your fear fog (yep its a real thing) only to be slapped back into submission yet again.



Hello? Any of this making sense? I know I played this boring and soul crushing game for years. Oh my god, so many years!  Now don’t get me wrong, I slip back into the game still, time and time again, but I know what it is now!

In fact, the Abundance Academy is one such thing that my soul has been screaming, clawing, scratching me to shreds to be noticed for years! I have half heartedly made pokes at it, but at the last minute always diluted the message so it wouldn’t sound so wanky.

I mean who do I think I am… teaching the world how to be abundant? Really Michelle? Sure you can build any new biz into 6 figures in under 6 months, sure you have done this multiple times, sure you are tapped directly into divine guidance and that’s why you get results, but even so, do you really wanna own that and say YOU, little old squeaky you, the bloody shunned nerd, the chick fired for being physic, YOU… are really gonna teach people to get passed the shit blocking there way to abundance????

And so I would shrink back again, crawl back to my safe space, continue to empower my badass business babes to success, but keeping a contained lid on those results so I would not have to stand up and wave my flag. But my soul got sick of my shit. And I bet your soul is getting pretty tired of yours too? HMMMM??? is it?

Is it time to reach out, to reach up, and claim your birthright abundance?

Cause honestly this has to come to light, I cannot continue to watch my fellow women struggle so needlessly when I can see only too well just how they can reach their goals and so so far beyond.

And so If this talks to you, don’t squash it, don’t ignore it, don’t think you will do it later. 


Enrol in the ABUNDANCE ACADEMY right now for just $7 a month for the first two months, with kick off happening LIVE.  14th Feb with a Money Love Live Training. 

What will we doing up until the 14th Feb? What do you get for joining early? Not only do you get the early bird special which disappears on 14th Feb but you get early bird only resources and direct access to me to begin your journey back to abundance right now.

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Ok if you made this far, there is something more I want to share with you...


This message was downloaded for me to pass along to you, I hope that it cracks open the door to your conscious awakening as it did mine all those years ago,

We have learnt not to trust our souls.

And this has led us to seek, over and over again, the approval and opinion of others when in fact, this just takes us off track even further. How many times do you seek an opinion on something and then slowly lose all enthusiasm for, and clarity around it?

WE, yes YOU, have all the answers already. If you just tap into soul, you would make the most aligned choices naturally. *Now don’t mistake me, the aligned choice is not always the smoothest path, but it the fastest growth path and leads to the results you seek.

And the most aligned choices led us to the results and happiness we seek and fulfil us deeply as our purpose work is birthed into the world and fully realized.

But we don’t trust our souls because we are letting the brain be in charge. It is not our fault, this is the way we have been shown.

The brain points out all of our fears! It is it’s job after all.

And here is the crux! Those who seek to dominate, to control, to use you for their own purposes and gain (even when they believe that is for the higher good – hello Hitler) they will unconsciously (or maybe consciously who knows, but hopefully not) keep you in fear.

Why? It is undoubtedly true that those in a state fo fear and anxiety are far easier to direct and control. Ringing any bells??

Don’t think that is true? Think back when the church ruled?

It is time to step out from under that fear and trust yourself, trust your SOUL.

And THAT is exactly what I will be teaching you to do in Abundance Academy! Learning how to tap into Soul for the best next moves, learning to access the energy of the ego (the ego is not bad, we need both) to drive your success and claim your abundance in all its glory.

I invite you, to wake up and join me.


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