How my clients are nailing 2021

Do You?

Work so hard?


Love to get compliments?


Refuse to be anything other than strong?




You and I both know that you are resisting the things that will bring you success


You and I both know that structure and rhythms are the keys to success,
and we also know what things in our life support our success or diminish it. Ie planning, proper nutrition, regular sleep and wake cycles etc.
So what’s the real reason that we don’t stick to our rhythms?
Well, self-sabotage is the obvious one, but if you are an entrepreneur there is a whole other reason that you may be discounting.
Why bother talking about it? Well, cause 2021 is the year to get shiz done. Did you know that 2021 is a “5” year. 5 signals change and we entrepreneurs should be all over that like a rash.
This is the year to change things up,
to bring forth new ways of operating,
new and more aligned clients and staff,
better business structures that serve us and our clients better.
If you focus, and tap into soul this year you can bring forth a whole new way of operating that will blow your mind and your bank account.
So… back to that thing that might be pulling you off track…
We, entrepreneurs, value freedom and autonomy above all else, we hate colouring within the lines, you know it’s true.
We hate obeying the ‘structure’.
We detest being told what to do.
Even if that person telling us what to do is ourselves. lol.
You have heard that your weaknesses are also your strengths and the opposite is also true, your strengths can become your weaknesses.
Your ability to see things in a whole new way???
Your desire to create and be creative???
Your need to be different and do things your own way????
They all make you FABULOUS at building your business like no one else can, but,
it also trips you up….
Your desire to be your own person, to do things your way means that you constantly tear things down (even the things that you know are supporting you) just because you can.
I won’t beat around the bush (you know I don’t), getting up early and capturing all the energy that is about at that time of the day, pounding out your rocks before the rest of the world staggers out of bed, taking the actions that require brass ovaries, THAT is the shiz that will allow you to make 2021 the stellar year it is set to be.
So let’s find a way to crack that sabotage shall we?
Rhythms and setting structure to your life that will allow you the freedom and business success in ease and flow is something that we NAIL DOWN TIGHT AF in the BUSINESS ACCELERATION CLUB which is about to open it’s doors again (11th March to be exact) but for now I want to share this golden nugget with you…
Don’t set rules for yourself – you know you will rebel against them!
Instead, make ❤️ commitments❤️  to yourself.
This is how it works…
I will get up at 5am is a rule – I am committed to my business results and getting up before everyone else allows me to do that, it is my secret weapon and has me crack-a-lackin with the fire that everyone else lacks.
You see, we are powerful beings, us entrepreneurs, and that type of commitment to success and to having all the energy so you can get on with changing the world WILL power you out of bed – whereas a ‘rule’ will have you buck the system and say ‘I don’t wanna and I don’t haveta, so there’
So my darling, what are your commitments to yourself today?
I would love to hear what they are ❤️
Oh and if you want to get in a sneaky peak at the business acceleration club before I launch it, you can check it out here



The Action Points


Write down the things that will support your success this year.

Turn that into a commitment statement.  

Set up reminders in your phone so you can fulfil your commitments to yourself and your business.

Decide what you will SAY to yourself if you try to back out of the commitments.

Share with us your new commitments, it will give them power.


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