Stop lying if you want better results

Do You?

Work so hard?


Love to get compliments?


Refuse to be anything other than strong?




Marketing 101 would dictate that I make you feel wonderful and lead you to believe that this inner work is oh so easy…


insert sound of screeching record – scratch that darling… cause the real work fucking hurts.  But it is quick enough to do, and it feels a shit tonne better out the other side – I promise!

This post is all about you, honesty, and the real work you are here to do.

✅  You are here to change the world – and it is time to stop lying about that (or even down playing it)

✅  Looking at your own bullshit will allow you to step up – and hence get on with changing the world

✅  Being all of you, the unfiltered, real version of you, feels so good when you actually get brave and do it

What we talk about here is:

💎 Getting clear on what you are here to do (see journal prompts at the end)

💎 Why lying and pretending are hurting your soul and your results (see the the video at the bottom)

💎 The small lies we indulge in – so you can see them for what they are and stop it!


I am liar and so are you…
No really,
we lie to ourselves,
to our customers,
to our friends… (I will explain in a bit).
But when we stop that shit, when we really begin to own who we are, when we really step out boldly and stand up for the truth, our truth, that is when results come in ease and flow.
Because here is the thing, when you consistently lie to yourself, you begin to doubt your true abilities and then imposter syndrome kicks in,
and hello, where did all the results go?
Down the back of the couch while you were busy numbing out so that you didn’t have to face up to the lies that you tell yourself on a daily basis that is slowly crushing your soul.
When we tell ourselves little lies, we begin to not trust our selves, so when we say we are going to reach XXX target, our brain gets busy telling us, oh yeah right girlfriend, you said that you were committed to such and such and you fucking tanked that, what is so different now… then the doubt creeps in and grabs you by the throat and hey presto…done. You flick that brave new idea to the curb.
So why do we tell ourselves little lies, why do we say we stand for one thing, but as soon as the heat is applied we dip out on ourselves and take the easy road, I shall explain in the video below.
Want consistent results, start being truthful with yourself and others.
I know you don’t THINK you lie, I mean it’s not on purpose Afterall, but ya do, and so do I. I pretend that I will take one action and then I don’t do it, I make all sorts of valid excuses for I did not do it… now I do that far less these days of course, but I still do it.
Let me expose some of the little lies that we think are harmless….
  • I will do that tomorrow
  • I can build my business without taking that action
  • I will get around to sharing that message later
  • I cannot do that, people won’t get it 
You see we choose to stay small, to ignore the big messages we are getting for several reasons.

We are afraid of what people will think.

We are afraid of getting the results we say we want.

We are afraid of being visable.

So enough already, let get brave. I have a video and some journal prompts for you below.


Together we shall rise,





Stop Fucking Lying: Action Steps

All jokes aside, I know that this is a confronting topic, none of us find it comfortable to look at our selves with our eyes wide open, yet if we are serve our purpose in this world and bring our gifts to those who need it, we are going to have to get over ourselves and get really clear on where and how we can up-level.

so… Dive on in darling… and take these actions

JP one: Where are you feeling icky, yuky and just downright disgusted right now about how you have been pretending and not speaking your full truth?

JP two: What is that you just KNOW you are here to do in the world, and how can you step more fully and honestly towards that right now?

Action three: do something nice darling, you deserve it. This work is hard, there is no doubt about that!


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