Feeling the burn of sacrifice

Do You?

Work so hard?


Love to get compliments?


Refuse to be anything other than strong?




Find out how letting go is the real way to success



✅  Letting go creates space in your life, if your life is full of clutter you cannot see the opportunities

✅  The universe will give you what you expect, if you hold on to the shit clients, lovers, friends, then you are saying to the universe that you are ok with this and it will believe you

✅  The universe can’t stand a vacuum and will rush to fill it, if you still have the old crappy mindset and secret sabotage friends taking up your time, how will the new better friends be able to come into your life. If you hang on the clients that drain your energy how will you have enough energy to find the new ones?

There are many many things that we could talk about here, but the three biggest things which you need to know about surrendering the old to claim in the new is:

💎 Have very clear boundaries, if you don’t know what you DO want and what you will not stand for, you will not know when you are being taken off track, or being taken advantage of

💎 Clarity and fast action are key – as soon as you recognise a boundary has been breached or your values are in jeopardy, or your goals are off track – TAKE ACTION, don’t wait

💎 Be prepared to have nothing. There is a saying the corporate world “it is better to have a hole than an arsehole” and this is true in life. Be prepared to WAIT for the right thing, I guess what I am saying is STOP SETTLING. If you want the good stuff you gotta be brave and accept nothing less than what you ask for.



You gotta be willing to sacrifice, you have to be willing to release in order to receive.

If you are holding two vanilla wines and someone offers you a kit kat, you gotta either let the shit cookies go or eat them already. You cannot grab both. Yet this is what we THINK we can do in life. 

The truth of the matter is – you gotta stop settling.

I know it is scary.

I know you think that what you have is better than nothing – but when you learn to let go you will see that nothing is better than what you do have.

Simply put, if it is not lighting your ass on fire already, let it go, change it, make it into something that you ARE passionate about. If you do choose to settle, you will tank your energy and ultimately your life.

If you are committed to showing up bravely and serving your purpose in the world you will have to let go of the little shit to reach the big shit.

Now, I am not saying it is easy. People will judge you, they will give you sage advice, they will manipulate you to stay where you are (cause change is scary for everyone around you). But you gotta be brave.

The truth of the matter is this… there are not that many people who are willing to be brave. Most will choose to play small. And as you upgrade, you too will choose to have a hole instead of something which is masquerading as something that you want, or a close approximation to it.

If your business offerings are no longer serving you, burn it to the ground baby, take aligned action!



From the ashes always arises a lush new garden

When you are willing to let go the results will start to slam in but you gotta be willing to feel the burn of sacrifice

  • Take note of what steals your energy and avoid those things
  • Notice what feels super good and follow that lead
  • Be willing to start from scratch – clear you head, regroup and ask what is the best new direction for you now



    Together we shall rise,




    Those who build empires do not play small

    It is true that most successful people where thought to be crazy by others, you have to be willing to turn off the chatter and pay attention to what you soul says…

    • Don’t take advice from someone you would not change places with
    • Listen to what you body feels instead of what your head says
    • Be prepared to be judged
    • Take crazy brave actions that feel aligned regardless of what others say

    If you are ready to take brave and aligned actions, then maybe you are ready to accelerate your business and really make a difference in the world. 

    Take a look at what the gals in the Business Acceleration Club are doing.


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