The Four Traits You Need to Master To Grow Your Business

Do You?

Work so hard?


Love to get compliments?


Refuse to be anything other than strong?




Lets talk first about wellbeing and what the hell it has to do with business growth


The wellbeing of you and your business are both important.
You cannot have one without the other.
If you are not well, you won’t have the energy or drive to do what needs to be done.
Aside from the obvious ways to look after yourself.
Make time to be with YOURSELF – mental health
Keep a gratitude journal to focus on joy – mental health
Cull out relationships and friends that do not support or align with you anymore (can be done nicely) – emotional health
Don’t eat shit food, your body is a tool, serve it well, you would not put diesel in your petrol car – physical health
Learn what your values are and revisit them a lot, then make sure that your day reflects those values – spiritual health

I also wanted to talk about the qualities and traits required for your business to be well.

You are here for a reason, you are here to change the world, and that my darling,
means you need to own these qualities without shame:
👉 Determination – to put your business first and do the things that will grow your business before you serve others
👉 Stamina – to show up even when you don’t want to, to do the things that will grow your business
👉 A bit of RAH – to stand your ground when the world tries to slow you down or tell you are wrong
👉 Inner strength – to follow the path that is right for you even when everyone else thinks it is wrong


Together we shall rise,




Being the Person Who Grows Their Business: Action Steps

The top things you can do right now to BECOME the person who reaches more people and impacts more lives is to:

Clear out old relationships, things and products that are no longer aligned for you

Start Doing your biggest rocks for the day first (see podcast below)

Stop Listening to the shit that others spout, stay in YOUR lane and listen to YOUR soul


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