I am unapologetic biarch and I am not sorry

What are you holding back, holding down and pushing away that you need to let through?

Do you often wonder why other people are not as excited, awake and driven as you?


Do you feel a compulsion to live your truth and expose your true self to the world? 


How long have you been aware that you are an empath?




Be the unapologetic version of you! 



Life is not a dress rehearsal and you are not a watercolour darling. You are not here to play small, you are not here to pretend, and you are not here to tone it down. 

Yet here we are, watering down the message, toning it down to be palatable to people who don’t give a fuck about you.

The number one thing that holds back the people that I am here to serve, is TONING IT DOWN.

We dive into excuses.

We dive into perfectionism.

We dive into a million distractions.

Well darling, it is time to get the bloody oil paints out! No more water colours,

no more lines being blurred,

no more fading fucking horizons.


Just punk ass SUBSTANCE,

real messages, that actually say SOMETHING

real branding, that is YOU on a plate.


I beg you to stop apologising for being you!

Cause damn it girl, the world needs you.


The world needs you to show up.

The world needs the best and most raw version of you.

They don’t need some polished fake as shit version.


You are here to serve!

You are here to be bring your gifts.

You are here to change the world!


So many times I get asked, what is the secret to actually getting traction in this biz?

And today I finally reveal it, are you ready MF?

Do you really want to know?

Are you really really really sure?

Cause once I tell you – there is no going back.


And there is no shame if you choose to read no further,

because for some they are not ready to explode,

the are not ready to bust forth and claim success,

they are not ready to serve full on and full out – they are quite happy playing small and being accepted.









So please, take the veil from your eyes and see that it is you,

that it has always been you!

And now it is time to really step into being you,

Time to let her out, time to love and honour her, time to step up boldly.


And the aligned action? Here is is!!!


FFS stop apologising.


Stop apologising for being you.

Stop apologising for not being perfect.

Stop apologising for not being how the books/guru/latest internet star says you should be like or should be doing.

Stop apologising for not fitting the mould.

Stop apologising for breaking the rules.





I am not sorry that I am the person who shows up to share my message even day – even when that message is like a bowl full of snakes. My job is make you brave AF not to pat on you the head

I am not sorry that I am a powerful biarch with a lot to say. I won’t tone down my words, I won’t dilute my message because the message is all there is.

I am not sorry that I get straight to the fucking point without lubing you up. I ain’t here to stroke your ego, I am here to trigger your growth so you can show up and serve. 

I am not sorry that I left a high paying corporate world to follow my passion.

I am not sorry that some people do not like me.

I am not sorry that offend snowflakes.

I am not sorry that I call people out on their bullshit excuses.

I am not sorry that I get to decide who I will and won’t work with.

I am not sorry that fake ass mofos will be confronted by my message.

I am not sorry that life gets hard, or that life throws up pbtacles.

I am not sorry that in order to succeed I have to be all in.

I am not sorry that serving my tribe requires effort.

And I am not sorry that I get to serve you, that I get to be a kick up your jacksie, a megaphone that won’t shut the F up.




Together we shall rise,




Things you should stop apologising for

If you wanna crack the code on calling in your soul clients, ditching imposter syndrome and actually change peoples lives, stop saying sorry for these things…

  • Speaking in a way that feels natural for you.

  • Imperfect copy or graphics.

  • Offending snow flakes.

  • Sharing messages that will NEVER be understood by the peeps they are not meant for.

  • Putting your growth above the needs of others.

  • Investing in your business before you have proof that it will fly.


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