Shedding the cloak of doubt to stand up and serve boldly

What are you holding back, holding down and pushing away that you need to let through?

Do you often wonder why other people are not as excited, awake and driven as you?


Do you feel a compulsion to live your truth and expose your true self to the world? 


How long have you been aware that you are an empath?




Believing in yourself


Believing in yourself


It’s time to release the fakearsy and the fear.  The world is literally dripping in fear and we are wading to it, we are sucking it in and recycling it. And the trouble with fear is it blocks the vibration of love.  And darling you are the vibration of love, so the fear is literally blocking YOU!


🔥 You are here to change the world.

🔥 You are here to open the channels for others, you are here to lead,

🔥 And lead you must, because what Is the alternative? to shrink and wither and die and god forbid conform?





🔥 You are here to change shit up.

🔥 You are here to be a maverick.

🔥 But the world is doing its damndest to stop you from showing up as your true light version self. It wants to squash you back down, 

🔥 to stuff you into a box, 

🔥 to dim your light, 

🔥 to dull your sparkle.


They Don’t Want You To Sparkle

Because when you sparkle you shine a light on the filth that has crept into our society.

You are showing the people who are conniving, convincing, fake ass hoes (as one my favourite leaders would say) and you are showing up the discrepancies that no one wants you to see.

Because if you fully stepped into the light, and trusted yourself, you would be self sufficient and would not need anything other than yourself.  


You can see why self resilience would be a problem for those who want to have control of you right?  In fact, it is just another variation of our caveman days where fears and myths kept us in check and kept us safe. Remember, change feels unsafe….

What It Takes To Move Out Of Fear


You don’t even need to change.

You need to come back to you, to remember who TF you really are, and shine your light bravely.


We are smothered in the vibration of fear, this cloak of fakery that is laid around us, it is choking us. We are literally being silenced by the vibration of fear.

We are holding back from our visions and purpose.

And if we are honest it is making us miserable,

It is making us sick.

And it sure as hell is making us tired AF.


When we step into the vibration of love we shed all that crap, we can breathe again, we can hear our soul, we can stand in the light and be the beacon of light for our own tribes.

And when we do all of that we are fulfilling our purposes and will become insanely happy, like deliriously high, on ourselves, our vibration, our energy, our oneness.


But how,

How in this fake ass world,

How in a world where fear blares out from the TV,

From the very leaders who shape the world we live in,

Can we possibly or even remotely stand the chance to shine?


Love and belief are the answer

You are here for amazing things. I want you to say that 6 million times. Remember you create your reality with your thoughts so start saying shit that matters. You are here to be a beacon of light. You are here to lead, You are here to change the world.

And the way to business success, or in fact any type of success, is to stand in THAT truth.


So throw off the professionalism,

Burn down the rules,

Light the fucking cloak of fear on fire, 

And step into love energy.  If you need help to remove that cloak of fear and step fully back to self believe in your purpose, here is a bonus meditation I made for you.






And shine like the little mofo star you are,

Show up as the leader you are.


    Together we shall rise,




    Bravery Through Love and Light

    Take a step back towards love energy by

    • Writing a love letter to yourself
    • Reading your client testimonials
    • Writing out 20 things you are grateful for
    • Playing with a pet

    And then, from this place of love, communicate with your tribe, and do what you are born to do – LEAD.

    If you want to step boldly into the light and serve in an even bigger way talk to me today by clicking the link below.


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