The Success Triangle

What are you holding back, holding down and pushing away that you need to let through?

Do you often wonder why other people are not as excited, awake and driven as you?


Do you feel a compulsion to live your truth and expose your true self to the world? 


How long have you been aware that you are an empath?




The Success Triangle For Entrepreneurs

We wear so many hats as an entrepreneur, and there is always so much to be done that we sometimes get caught up in the hustle instead of focusing on the things that will REALLY get us the success we seek

First of all, let’s talk about what success is to you.

There is no right or wrong here. Success to me is:

* Being able to work on things that light my soul on fire

* Having the time and money and freedom to create and do what I want

* Being of service to others – changing the world

* Living in joy – waking up excited about my life

Now your turn. Here is a journal prompt for you…

“When all is said and done, success to me looks and feels like….”

Ok, now onto the success triangle for entrepreneurs.

Aligned Action:

Just to be clear, for the success triangle, when we talk about aligned action, I mean actions that are DIRECTLY aligned to the outcomes, and to the success that we are calling in.

Busy work, or any old action, is something else entirely and often holds us back from success rather than getting us closer to success. This is where most entrepreneurs operate most of the time.

We are busy taking actions, so many of them, that we can get bogged down here. Whenever I coach someone I always start with a review of the success triangle, and that is how I get results for soul-led entrepreneurs so fast… I don’t just load them up with MORE ACTIONS, I see where they are out of balance and then work on restoring balance to the success triangle.


So often I find entrepreneurs hustling and they are busy as hell, in fact, they are often so busy that they are overwhelmed, they are chasing their tails, and they are coming from a place of fear – this is Overwhelm City! And nothing good comes out of Overwhelm City. Sure you can make a buck or two in Overwhelm City, but the next city along, Clarity City, is where the gold is manufactured. In order to get to Clarity City, you need the success mindset part of the success triangle.

Success Mindset:

A success mindset encompasses a lot of things, but to sum it up, a success mindset is a strong set of beliefs and a way to control your mind in order to achieve the results you seek.

Our brain’s job is to keep us safe – bless it. So, it points out all the dangers to us in a constant stream of chatter. This chatter has us diving into fear and inaction (or more likely for us type-A entrepreneurs… busy work) that keeps us playing small and dancing around the actions that we KNOW will lead us to success.

With a strong success mindset, you will have techniques that allow you to turn off the chatter and insanely brave actions that allow you to succeed where others waffle about.

And of course, this section would not be complete without some journal prompts to nudge you into a strong success mindset…


“What is the one action that I KNOW that I am avoiding?” 

“My mind’s favorite fear sabotage message is… and what I know choose to replace that belief with is…”

“The difference that I am here to make in the world is…. and the thing that stands in my way right now is….”



This is the area that no one else really talks about in relation to entrepreneurs because us type As love to take action, not dive into quantum woo woo. BUT…

This area here is where you will get the biggest shifts. Do I teach my clients how to recognize and take aligned action? of course. Do I teach the easy HOW ways I have mastered? of course! Do I work on mindset and beliefs? Yes, I sure do. But this area here, the energetics and the quantum, this is the bit that REALLY gets the biggest shifts for soul-led entrepreneurs. 

If you are not soul-led, if you are just here to make money – this will not work for you.

So what is energetics? It is about being an energetic match for that which you are calling in. This is difficult to explain and is best experienced, but let me sum it up for you:

  • If you are clogged with a fear frequency you are repelling success
  • If your brain is too busy you cannot hear your soul messages and you will make things so much harder than they need to be
  • Your external environment matters to your energy and success too
  • The people in your life affect your own energy frequency – so choose who you spend time with carefully
  • You, as a soul led entrepreneur have a very unique frequency and it can make you feel weird at times – but it is nothing to be fearful of



Your journal prompts all in one place, can be found at the bottom of this page…


You are meant for wonderful things,

you are here to herald in the new king.

Be wise, be aligned, 

stand strong for us to find.

* Don’t ask me lol, I share the messages with you as they come – I gave up diluting the message out of fear a long time ago.




Together we shall rise,




Keen to hear more about how I get results?

How much are your services?

There is a range of solutions to meet every budget.
1. Free inspiration from Sparkle Nation

2. Fempowered Mastermind from $69
3. Business Acceleration Club – from $115
4. One on one coaching – the price depends on the package selected.

What sort of results do you get?

Nothing short of epic results is acceptable to me. If you want to succeed and are willing to do the work, I will get you there.  There are many testimonials for you to read but here is what you really need to know:

  • I have got your back
  • I get results because I am not afraid to say the shit that needs to be said and to challenge your current beliefs
  • I have the skills, I have coached hundreds of other women just like you to success
  • When you coach with me, you get all of me, whatever is mine is yours, the systems, the tools, the strategies, the shortcuts…
  • I work with women in all sectors, but they all have one thing in common, they are not here to be average, they are here to change the world, they are connected to soul (as am I) and they are committed to taking brave action (but don’t worry I will show just how brave you can be if you are not there already)
  • I get fast results because I don’t buy into bullshit or the normal business rules
What is your process for getting results?

Regardless of how you choose to work with me… this is the process that I use to get you the results you seek.

Clarity & Focus – Structure & Systems – Success Mindset – Success Triangle


  • We get extreme clarity on where you want to end up and start with the end in mind
  • We set a super clear goal and measure your progress towards that  to ensure success
  • We will set a clear step by step strategic plan so you always know what to do next
  • I will challenge you on the why because we need to ensure that your business growth direction matches your values (otherwise I would be setting you up to fail – and FYI that never happens with me, because I ensure CLARITY)
  • We get crystal clear on who you are here to serve, create a client avatar, then build your brand story and marketing messages around that
  • We get you really clear about what your unique gifts are and what sort of business offerings will best serve you and your clients
  • Then we dive into clarity on where to find your ideal clients and how to best reach them, which takes us into structure and systems


  • I share all the tech tools that will make your life so much easier and help you to set them up (if that’s what you need)
  • Then we look at time efficiency and automations – so you can actually have the freedom you thought your business would provide
  • We streamline processes like sales funnels, client onboarding systems, nurture sequences, etc
  • Then we work on bravery and visibility at the same time (you need one to do the other) and really tapping into what your message is so that when we dive into marketing, you are saying the stuff that will get eyeballs
  • Then we look at systems for creating and delivering marketing content the super easy and aligned way, and repurposing content so you are not at your computer all day long
  • We then take a long term view to scaling your offerings which leads us to success mindset


  • Success requires space and rhythms, there are certain things that all successful people do, I teach you those because my role is to make myself redundant, you will become the business leader, the confident queen of your empire which is here to change the world!
  • We dive into energy (if you are ready to go there) and I will teach you how to get super results in ease and flow
  • We of course deal with any mindset blocks, money stories, and old worn-out patterns or beliefs which are no longer serving you.


  • I teach you how to tap into soul so you can take aligned action
  • We install the habits and rhythms that allow you succeed and bust the bullshit stories standing in your way
  • We dive into the quantum to get you results in ease and flow
  • We clear your energy and make you an energetic match for success

I order these three parts in sequence here because that is the order we need to do them in, however, the reality of coaching is that we do whatever you most need on the day, and we in fact end up working in all of these areas simultaneously.

My clients tell me it this holistic approach of meshing mindset with strategy and calling it like it is that gets them the results.  Are you ready for the results too?

Want to know where to start?

The very best place to start is to talk with me directly, then we can figure out where your gaps are in the above three areas, and even if the time is not right for us to work together right now, you will leave this call with the next step you can take on your own right now to grow your business and make it work FOR you – it would be nice to have clarity, certainity and freedom right?

Book here 

How do you get the great results you get for other entrepreneurs?

By smooshing together the strategy that you need to get you ahead fast and helping you to build a success mindset and success rhythms/structure alongside those strategies, and clearing your energy so you are an energetic match for success – that is why I get the epic results.

Having the best strategies in the world will get you nowhere if fear keeps you playing small. And, no amount of self-worth and belief will bring forth your success if you do not have the energy, time, and know-how to take the aligned actions required.

Do you have payment plans or can I get government funding to work with you?


If you need a payment plan the best thing to do is email me at

If you live in NZ you might be eligible for funding if you meet the criteria, again, the best thing to do is email me.
And yes, I am registered with Regional Business Partners for both one on one and group coaching.


Can I join at any time?

You can join Daily Inspiration From Sparkle Nation at any time.

FemPowered Empire Building MasterMind is subscription based so you can join or leave at any time.

The Business Acceleration Club is 6 months long and you can join at any stage, we will meet you where you are at 🙂

If there is space available on the one on one coaching schedule you can join at any time (spaces go fast though)


Where should I start? What will work best for me?

If you are ready to dive deeply into the energetics of sales and up-levelled mindset then FemPowered Empire Building MasterMind is where you want to be – this is LIVE weekly soul powered training with a powerful group of badass entrepreneurs. 

If you want to become the Boss of your business and are ready to get brave AF & visible AF to get more clients then choose the Business Acceleration Club. Group coaching gets super powerful results because the success of others in the group powers up your own, plus having the support of a group of like-minded (success minded) badass businesswomen who have your back is PRICELESS. All of my groups end up being firm friends. I often coach women who say they have been in coaching groups before and not found them to very beneficial, and when participating in my group they say it is mind-blowingly different and that the results are astounding. I can’t tell you for sure what the difference is because I am not in those other clubs, but my guess at why it is different is this… I treat your business as the unique entity it is and as such guide you to grow it in alignment with your soul and give you SPECIFIC strategies and the ACTUAL next step for YOUR business – aka not generic assistance.  It is kind of like one on one coaching but in front of others if that makes sense?

If you have a unique business or are ready for fast growth then One on One Coaching is for you. It is intense and all in, so make sure you are ready for results if you put your hand up for this.

What sort of coach am I?
I am not your usual coach but if I have to have a label it would be Holistic Coach.
What is a holistic coach? To me, it is someone who coaches the whole person. You are your business. It is nigh on impossible to grow your business without also growing yourself. The tools, systems, and beliefs that got you to this point in business need an upgrade to take you to the next level, so expect me to empower you in other areas of your life as well. Coaching is nothing short of life-changing.
*I am also trained in NLP and life coaching (among other things) and while that is not what our coaching will be based on, those skills definitely allow me to coach you in a holistic way.
Does holistic mean woo woo. Yes, it does. I work in alignment with my soul’s purpose, and use affirmations and journal prompts to back up the straight-up brass ovaries coaching and business growth strategies I will teach you. However, woo woo does not mean fluffy.
Someone asked me recently online what sort of coach I am.
I think they expected me to be fluffy because I preach that mindset is key and talk the energetics of sales (but only when you add aligned action mind).
The reality is this…
🩰 I dress in pink
💃 I am a woman
🦄 I am an energy integrator
🦩 I am a mindset queen
💰 I get results because I am like a dog with a bone!
You might as well know right up front, that I call a spade a spade and I swear (there is a reason, and it’s to do with breaking social expectations and power but that is another long story for another day).
I WILL call you out on your bullshit, but this is always done with your highest growth in mind – I know when to support you, when to challenge your growth, and when to shake you out of a funk, cause well, I have been doing this a LONG LONG LONG time and I coach intuitively.
Coaching intuitively means that I am able to meet you where you are at, and whatever you need at any given point is what you will be coached on, of course, on top of the things that you choose to work on.

Your journal prompts for this work are...

“When all is said and done, success to me looks and feels like….”

“What is the one action that I KNOW that I am avoiding?” 

“My mind’s favorite fear sabotage message is… and what I know choose to replace that belief with is…”

“The difference that I am here to make in the world is…. and the thing that stands in my way right now is….”


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