The Story of a Recovering Baby Bird Rescuer

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Then you might also be rescuing baby birds… let’s find out!



The Story of a Recovering Baby Bird Rescuer 


It is time to share a powerful story.

A story about power.

A story about how we hide behind our power.


What does it mean to be strong?

Does it mean that you will never be taken advantage of?

Does it mean that you are not vulnerable?

Does it mean that you will prevail?

Or is it, in fact, a facade that you hide behind?


It is time to relinquish the power and become even more complete.

I will share my story, in the hopes that you may explore your own.


True strength includes the polar opposite –  vulnerability. 

Produced strength, aka our ‘shields’ protect us from harm by keeping us away from that which we need to feel and grow from. And this is where my story and learnings about power begins….


Go girl power.

You are strong.

I am a diamond, you can’t break me.

I will not back down.


These are all things I say to myself…


I pride myself on my strength, it was hard won. 

I was not always strong, I was weak, soft, vulnerable and small – I played the role of helpless very well. It was a strategy that allowed me to be ‘protected’ in a volatile family.

It allowed the persecutor and hero roles to be played by others – we got what we needed.

It was unhealthy but it was also normal.


As I grew older I saw the powerlessness of the role I played out and vowed to become the hero.

I made myself strong. I fought to be strong. And I am strong – I am not ashamed to be strong.

But now I am a different kind of strong. I am SURE STRONG not let me BARK IN YOUR FACE STRONG TO SCARE YOU OFF BECAUSE I AM NOT REALLY STRONG sort of fake strong.


The reason that I want you to explore your own strength and examine if it is real and solidly rooted in self-belief or if it is the fake kind that I held onto for so long,  is that it affects the way we show up in the world, especially for soul-led entrepreneurs. Read on and you may well recognise how fake strength has been leading you to take on board clients that are less than ideal just like I used to.


100% of the women that I work with are empaths, and us empaths, we are strange – and vulnerable as heck because we FEEL everything. And so most of us learned to be strong, we learned to become the hero. Being the hero kept us feeling strong and safe. But here is what a hero does in business… and hold on to your nightie, because this will be your AHA moment.





And it does not serve them or us!

We work our butts off for them, we over give, and we under charge.

The baby birds are not capable of the support/tools/opportunities we give them and so they find a way to make us/our service/product wrong….

Then we are upset at the ingratitude.

But here is the kicker – we offered to save the baby bird because we ‘recognise’ the baby bird (aka the old us) and want to save them and of course, get to be the HERO. It is self serving.

Making sense yet?





When you learn to release the need to be the HERO you find real power instead of fake power. From this place of real power, you can serve those who are ready for you – these are your soulmate clients, and THIS is where you really get to make the difference in the world. And even better, this is where your business finally starts to FLOW, you get all the clients, you make all the money and you have all the fun.


We save the baby birds because deep down we believe that we are not really good enough to work with the higher level soul clients. Working on your own self worth will break this cycle. And in order to work on self worth you must be willing to drop the FAKE STRENGTH. You must be willing to step into vulnerability, you must be willing to probe the learnings of your past, you must be willing to look at the part you play in the chaos and learning situations you create for yourself. This is hard – it is HARD to acknowledge our part. It is so much easier to blame the other person… they were ungrateful, they did not do the work…. It takes REAL STRENGTH to look the learning in the face and GROW from it.


As a woman who has found her true power and vulnerability now, I celebrate the strength and power in others AND I can see when that power is fake.  I work with a lot of women in a way that others cannot, because you see I can withstand the ROAR I can see the wonderful sparkle deep within you and will not let go until you can see it too.


I will help you stand in your rightful place of power and serve from a place of GIVING not RESCUING and you will too will feel the shift and rise of your true power. 


Baby birds love their Heroes, and we get a kick from that. But those baby birds only love the heroes until they don’t love the heroes, and they find a way for the hero to be bad. And it’s not that either the hero or the victim is bad, it’s just the way the roles play out. But if we refuse to play the roles, if we insist on healing ourselves, we won’t have to play the roles. When we all come from a place of vulnerability, and a place of looking at our own actions. Then, we can truly come from a place of our own power.




    So today I asked you. Are you powerful? 

    Are you trying to be powerful because you don’t feel safe? 

    Or, are you powerfully vulnerable?


    And how will you know the difference? Because real power feels powerful and uplifting and freeing, like you can breathe. Fake power, as in feeling powerful to make yourself safe feels dead on the inside. It feels like a dull weight in your chest. 

    And so what do you choose for your life going forward?

    How do you choose to stand in your power?

    How do you choose to utilize your power?

    And finally, something for your journal “What would it take for you to feel safe right now and stand in your true power?” “ What are the things I get to release, leave behind, and burn to the ground?” What are the things I now get to choose instead? And what is the aligned action I get to take?


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    Together we shall rise,




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