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Hi I’m Michelle, I specialize in coaching female creatives and practitioners to make their businesses bigger, better, & bolder by helping them to upscale, automate and streamline their processes and then help them find their way back to authenticity and alignment to power up, get more clients and start living the dream. But what I am really passionate about is empowering women to show up authentically and bravely to change the world..

Yes I bring the goods, and yes I empower purpose-driven women to power-up their businesses. But I am not your usual coach. I bring all the required quals including an MBA and a teaching degree, but I get real results for my clients. Not through boring corporate strategies, but by combining my knowledge and 25 years experience in business, with a strong intuition and my three Superpowers which are:

1. Getting to the root of a challenge real quick; 

2. Creating easy and effective systems for EVERYTHING;

3. Helping you get REAL CLARITY on what you TRULY want. 

But what does that mean for my tribe? It means that they get powerful results every time. Working with me involves both immediate results when we create unique business strategies which are a perfect fit for you and your own tribe, and long term results through working on powerful mindset shifts, which allow for evolution into the confident businesswoman who nails it in business, and makes a massive impact in the world, and lives a hell yes life.

Because, honestly, you CAN have it all, purpose and profit, success and love, and I want to show you how.

Why do I do this?

I am off-the-Richter-scale passionate about changing the world, to increase the vibration that we operate at, to have everyone living authentically and sharing their gifts, accepting and being accepted, celebrating and valuing differences, creating massive wealth and massive love.

We are moving into a new era in evolution and we need to reboot and upgrade in order to thrive, and my passion is to help purpose-driven women to power-up their businesses because I know that the world needs what they are offering.

The Michelle difference

The difference that I bring to my clients is that I believe that they already have everything they need inside them to be effective right now.

They don’t need a shiny new tool, they need an opportunity to get out of their own way, a bit of support to create strong systems that will reduce the overwhelm of being a woman in business, and to be encouraged to reveal the authentic and powerful them that was there all along.

Who I am

I was supposed to be introducing myself, wasn’t I? Oops… but I am all about the purpose work, really.

I work more than 60 hours a week, get up at 5am everyday and work so much because I get bombarded with so much inspiration every day – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I also have a family and lifestyle block to run plus two other businesses, but it all works and guess what? I still have time to live a hell yes life and my family accepts, loves, and helps me to do all these things.

I remember when I used to have so much guilt: mother guilt, job guilt, exercise guilt. But now I know that I can have and do it all, and the best bit is my family do not judge me or rebel, they love that I love my work so much and they help me to achieve even more. 

In fact my daughter looks set to follow in my footsteps and honestly, I am more proud of raising this strong and powerful woman who is also here to change the world (she is only 16 and had her first business at 7), than I am of climbing the Himalayas with no sherpas, and being mortgage free by 30.

I live surrounded by native bush with my hubby, our teenage daughter, my horses, dogs and a cat.  I am a tree hugger for sure, energy REALLY matters to me, and nature is what fills my tank and allows me to be here to empower my tribe.

Here are quirky things you might want to know about me:

  • I dropped out of school at 16 as a straight-A student to become a beauty therapist, much to everyone’s horror. I had planned this all out at 9 because I wanted  to make people feel great, and I still do this even to this day. Oh yeah, I had saved up $10K to do the course myself by this age (that was enough to put a deposit on a house back then).
  • I had our family 90% self sufficient at one stage, making cheese, wine, growing all vege and protein.
  • I love to kiss animals, and my most treasured pet was my milking goat Belinda.
  • I have a strange sense of humor and I love nothing more than to laugh. In fact, it is pretty hard to get me to be serious, I find the joy/fun in every situation (or find a way not to be involved). If something is fun then it will have the right energy and it will flow.
  • I am a real homebody and love routine. It sets me free and allows me to achieve great things, but I have also travelled to over 30 countries and have lived and worked in 3 countries.
  • I was married, mortgaged, pregnant and had my first company by 26.
  • I have managed 3 of the biggest colleges in NZ.
  • I have a wild NZ pony who bit me so hard when I first met her it took several weeks to even close up, and now she is the biggest kissy monster ever, sulks when you stop kissing her.
  • I can often be found bareback barrel racing or doing archery from my horse.
  • I am under 5 ft tall, 4.9 to be exact, I think that is officially 1 inch off being a midget lol

Anyway, enough of me…what I really want to do is to help you get fired up and GET YOUR BUSINESS CRANKING, SO Let’s do this

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