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So as you can guess by the website address, I’m Michelle Clarke. Very pleased to meet you!                                                                                                                                               
And as per the branding, yes, I’m a Business Acceleration Coach, but what does that mean?
I’m not your typical business coach, I’m a bonafide entrepreneur here to help you accelerate everything, your biz, your life, your dreams – nothing average or boring here!
I’ve been in the trenches for a couple of decades and likely have experienced every one of the same up and downs you have on this crazy rollercoaster called “Small Biz Ownership”.

Never a dull moment but why would we want it any other way, right? All this experience helps me step up to the plate to empower my clients, to help them find their strength to shine a light on their unique talents (yes, you too have some incredible abilities hiding in a dark recess that are just waiting for their moment in the spotlight!). 

Since you’re on my About Me page, you likely want to know a bit about who I am and what makes me tick – and I’m truly honoured as you could easily be on any one of the twenty billion pages on the internet (*in all honesty, I’ve not counted so my best ballpark guess). Without further ado…I’m Michelle and I:
  • live in Puhoi, Auckland (yes, it’s a small town)
  • have a wonderful family with my husband, 15 year old daughter, 3 dogs and 2 horses, including a wild Kaimaniwa
  • can often be found riding full tilt on my horse with bows and arrows flying
  • can also be found doing less crazy things, such as reading and taking bush walks
  • attended beauty & massage school at age 16 after saving up the $10,000 tuition all on my own
  • managed several colleges in New Zealand, including the country’s larges natural therapies school
  • studied marketing & business administration at the post-grad level
  • grown various start ups from ground zero to consistent $20K months (quite chuffed about that)
  • am dyslexic, so sometimes you’ll find misspelled words. I’ve embraced it as being part of who I am – after all, we each have our own quirks
  • LOVE to cuss (sorry, Mom). If it were an Olympic sport, I’d be the flag bearer. It’s incredibly empowering and liberating. Don’t believe me? Say something you feel REALLY passionate about. Now say it again but throw in a four-letter word. Mmmm, doesn’t that feel better?
Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that’s lovely, Michelle, but what can you do for me? As, let’s be honest, you’re here to get help to move forward. I’m direct that way (never was one to pussyfoot or puppyfoot for that matter).
I’m not a coach who will put a bandaid on the problem and send you toddling off, only to have it fall off a bit later and you’re back to Square One. No, I am all about getting at the root of the rot rather than trimming a few branches here and there. Only then are you truly able thrive and grow. My superpower is being able to spot the real challenge at twenty paces and prescribe the right systems to get you to optimal growth. I’ll ask you to stretch, to step out of the comfort zone and to be brave. And I guarantee you’re going to LOVE IT!
I’m Michelle and I would love to help you take centre stage of your dream life.

Watch this video to get a feel for what coaching with me is like.

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Address: PO Box 404033, Puhoi, Auckland

Phone: 021 137 2757

Facebook: Michelle Business Acceleration Coach 


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