How to Beat Business Anxiety

Business anxiety is a real thing, and it is holding you back from showing up bravely and kicking ass in your business like the Biz Boss you know you are!  Business anxiety can be a roller coaster, right? Up on a high when you make a great business move, land a big...

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Business Help, How To Get It.

If you need business help you are in the right place darling. I have been exactly where you are right now, drowning, wondering where to turn, on the brink of an overwhelm melt down. You need business help, and you need it now so you can move forward, but there is so...

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You Get To Choose

Life is all about choices. In fact we are swamped with choices these days. There are jobs that we can do that we not even thought possible 15 years ok, hell, 5 years ago! We can choose to be transgender, asexual, a fireperson or a hermit. My point here darling, is...

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