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You ARE the  Answer You Seek
You ARE the Answer You Seek

Today what I want to help you remember (because we all know this at a soul level) that you are the answer you seek. I want to impart to you today that you are far more powerful than you know (or remember). Do you remember being a kid, and you felt you had all the...

Becoming Who You Always Were
Becoming Who You Always Were

THE QUEEN THAT LURKS BENEATH   It is time to start living. It is time to crawl out from under the rock and look around. IT'S TIME TO OPEN THEM PEEPERS BABY.   You have denied your greatness for too long. You have dulled that shinny light for what feels like forever....

Clearing the Noise Pollution Matters To Your Results
Clearing the Noise Pollution Matters To Your Results

NOISE POLLUTION is a real thing. If I look back over my life at the things that have made the biggest difference to the results that I get and the joy that I experience, it would be without a doubt be reducing noise pollution. Noise, there is just always so much...

You Are Your Secret Weapon
You Are Your Secret Weapon

You are your secret weapon.  You have always been far more powerful than you believe you are, yet deep down you have also always suspected that you are powerful. Sometimes you get glimpses of that power, sometimes that power surges up through your body and you feel...

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