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Staying Small is a Choice
Staying Small is a Choice

STAYING SMALL IS A CHOICE Staying small is a choice that you get to make. And each and every day you get to make that same choice over and over again. There is no reason to feel anything either way about the choice to stay small OR whether to reach for the stars and...

How to ramp up your business energy
How to ramp up your business energy

How to ramp up your business energy Ramping up your business energy can be as simple as deciding what you really want to do and being unavailable for anything else. Welcoming in the new dawn, Heralds with it a new opportunity to rise. YOU get to choose your future,...

Why settling is making you not brave in business
Why settling is making you not brave in business

In this blog, we talk about why settling is damaging your business results and how you can become even braver in business. At the risk of sounding like Madonna in the 80s DONT SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST BABY. Don't settle for second best because you are worthy of the...

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