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BUSINESS ACCELERATION CLUB: Your solution to sustainable business growth in 6 months.

Business growth without the overwhelm

One stop solution, coaching, courses and support

Everything you need, marketing, step-by-step systems, business structure & automations

It’s time to supercharge your business

Ready to ditch the frustration of the daily hustle and get focused on better business results?

It can all be yours, the healthy bank account, the steady stream of leads, the record sales, the confidence, the dream lifestyle. In fact, you’re already capable of achieving all of that, you just need someone to show you the way (and to kick your butt into action from time to time).

Grow without spending time and money on marketing campaigns that don’t deliver

Feel good without ‘overwhelm’, frustration, dejection or fear getting in the way

Commit to something bigger bigger clients, bigger sales, bigger reach, bigger JOY!

Hi I’m Michelle Clarke


I’m here to help you accelerate your business results.

I’m talking about real profit. That means getting serious about business results, getting extreme clarity on your business direction and helping determine which focus areas will produce the best and fastest results for you.

I’ll help you get you out of overwhelm with practical steps to creating a unique business solution. We’ll cover everything you need including marketing messages and methods and a business structure that suits you perfectly.

Plus you’ll have a network of amazing, supportive fellow business owners.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. If you’re ready to get out of your own way, get serious about results, claim your abundant future, and to truly shine as the successful business owner you are, this is for you.

What is the Business Acceleration Club?

This is IT in a complete 6 month package. Most courses or coaching programmes only address one part of your struggle as a business owner – that’s where this club for serious business owners is different. I created this course because I wanted to cover all aspects of business and help business owners truly move the needle on their business growth and success.

The best way to find out if this is the right thing for you is to jump on a no-obligation chat with me.

Here’s how the Business Acceleration Club can Help!

Gain complete clarity around your vision, and the goals you need to hit to get there. There’s no waffle here, just a super strong foundation to power you forward with certainty.

Get the exact tools, templates, systems and automation hacks you need to make running your dream business effortless. Get a handle on your days, weeks and months so you can get exactly what you need out of your time – without the overwhelm.

Learn a smarter model for your business one that pulls in big ticket clients, one that doesn’t ‘swap time for money’ and one that gives you back freedom in both business and life. You’ll get clear on your offering, test it, and nail your pricing.

Gain increased confidence. Silence that critic in your head, identify the root cause of your imposter syndrome and let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours so you can finally, and consistently turn up like the BOSS you are.

Be part of an engaged and supportive tribe. We’ll dive deep into setting up an online delivery and engagement structure, the foundations of engaging your tribe, the exact equipment and techniques you need to be queen of content production! The sales and marketing secrets of the pros will be all YOURS.

The Weekly Coaching

A dedicated group coaching session every week to give you individual help to move your business forward, set targets for the week ahead and keep you accountable.

All The Courses

10 Powerful business growth courses delivered in easy no waffle videos and audios with all the ready made resources. You can explore these in detail below.


All hours support to answer all your questions and guide your progress. Remember who you spend most of your time with dictates your outcomes.

The women already part of this club have been able to:

Make more money without facing burnout and ‘overwhelm’ to make it happen

Grow with the help of smart marketing strategies, sales funnels and streamlined systems

Step it up a notch with strategic plans that are in alignment with their big vision

Shine, having been inspired and connected with like-minded business owners, and re-found that spark they needed to keep growing, learning and evolving as a business owner

FAQ’s about Coaching

When are the coaching calls?

Coaching calls are the same time and day each week Thursday 9:30 am and they are tailored around you and your business but we will also be covering the following content

  • Your next steps in business
  • Crafting a  business that works for you and not the other way around
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Busting the bullshit holding you back from success
  • Setting up your social media accounts for peak performance
  • Making your life match your business (raising the levels all round)
  • Becoming the business queen you are born to be
  • Client management systems
  • Automated systems
  • Marketing, marketing, and more marketing
Are the coaching calls recorded?

They sure are, and they are put up into a private group chat for you in case you were not able to attend or what to revisit something.  What about if I cannot attend and need to ask you a question? No worries, we have the open all hours support group remember.

What are the coaching calls like?

I hear you, coaching is personal, and to get the best and fastest growth we all need to be real, transparent, and open.  The previous groups have all stayed together and still support each other even today, you will make some long-life business supporters who have your back, bolster you up, and will give you priceless support and feedback – real support and feedback from real business owners who ‘get it’.  As for me, I am the least judgemental person you will ever meet, you cannot shock me, and my sole (soul) purpose is to be here for you and to get you the results you deserve. Coaching can be confronting sure, but it is always done with love.  I am yet to have someone hate coaching :). Oh yes, I am qualified of course, and all calls are confidential.

All about the Courses

Defining Your Business

In order to scale up, and to get your business working for you in a way that supports your best life, we need to get clear on what you want your business to be, and not be.   Missing these important foundations can cost you a lot in resources and anguish in the long run.

Extreme Business Clarity
  • Reveal your unique selling point
  • Get crystal clear insight on your target market
  • Attract clients that are fun to work with
  • Gain clarity on why clients want what you have
  • Scale your business to give you freedom
Goal Setting

Here we get down and dirty with the who, what, when and how of your dream business (and lifestyle), learn a whole new way of setting goals that will make achieving your dreams easy, and discover the exact system that I use which allows me to strategically analyze results without being overwhelmed.

Business PinkPrint
  • Learn multiple ways to structure a business
  • Decide on a business model that gives you the profit and the freedom you desire
  • Make your business work for you instead of the other way around
  • Your Empire Building journey starts here
The 6 Pillars of Getting Shit Done

This course is STELLAR – one of my most popular! And it is popular because it shifts people forward faster than a freight train.

I cut out all the waffle for you and give you the structure, beliefs, and systems that you need to get out of overwhelm and into super flow where all the good shiz happens.

Thriving Business Foundations in 2020 and Beyond

People don’t want to be sold another shiny thing, they don’t want to be bombarded, they will be choosing who to do business with

C O N C I O U S L Y. Learn the keys to thriving in business in 2020 and beyond.

Building Business Resilience

Business resilience is the secret to business success. Learn how to shut the impostor monster down once and for all and show up like the business queen you are.

Getting A Handle on Your Finances

I take you through the exact money systems that thriving and profitable businesses use to. Turn that slowly ticking over biz into a profit machine which does good in the world.

Time Wrangling

Discover the secret weapons of highly organized business owners plus a whole lot more. This course will carve out at least another 10 hours from your week. What would you choose to do with 10 extra hours a week?

Mastering Your Money Mindset

Your money beliefs can hold you  back from success in business. If we don’t deal with the underlying beliefs which have held you back up until this point, you will unconsciously sabotage your future success.

And the Bonus 100+ Lesson Soul Method Marketing Course
  • Marketing Messages
  • Marketing Content
  • Copywriting
  • Making Sale Delicious
  • Closing the Sale
  • Making Your Own Sales Funnels
  • Blogging Like a Badass
  • Writing a Book
  • Making Great Videos
  • Posting on LinkedIn, Insta and Facebook
  • Creating Lead Magnets
  • Podcast Your Way to Fame
  • Facebook Ads
  • All About SEO
  • Cracking Websites
  • Launch That Shit in 3 Days
  • Other Promotional Avenues
  • Paid Advertising
  • Branding Like A Boss
  • Nailing Your Email Lists
  • Making Cracking Marketing Plans

Whats the investment?

You’ll receive

Weekly coaching – You can have all the damn strategy in the world, but without coaching tailored to you (and I mean coaching not telling you how to do it and question answering) your results will only ever be mediocre.

All courses – 10 Powerful business growth courses delivered in easy no waffle videos and audios with ready made resources. You can explore these in detail below. I have listed 10, but there are more & whatever is mine is yours.

Full support – Your own support team on tap! Ask any questions, pick my brains, get extra support. Get valuable feedback and additional support from your team members at any hour of the day.

The BONUS Marketing course – Every little thing you ever wanted to know about the how-to of marketing, All the secret tools, the tech, and the cheats. Over 100 lessons and more than 15 separate modules.


6 Monthly payments of just $499
Pay upfront and in full and get a 34% discount making your investment just $1999


You’ve got to sign up for this amazing creation (Business Acceleration Club). What Michelle has created here is a one of a kind ‘Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs”, you can not fail here, the only way is moving forward here. All your insecurities are answered and laid out in easy to access modules and, but wait, there is always more. Michelle seems to be always one step ahead of you, as soon as your question marks pop up in your head, you can bet on it Michelle has created another section in her course to answer your question. The online groups are a powerful resource of mindset mastering and upcoming questions and worries get settled there and then by Michelle. This is truly a life time membership as this is the backbone of your entrepreneurial life.

Energized For Success

“Oh my gosh the group coaching is just so explosive and valuable. I have spent so much time researching social media, what to do, not to do. It’s so exhausting and time wasting!! The call this morning has given me so much insight and understanding and now knowing what my steps are I am so ready to get ROCKING!!!

The Pet Brands Company

If you’re looking to grow your business I highly recommend Michelle and the Business Acceleration Club. She has an amazing amount of energy and drive. She’ll keep you on track and work with you to establish and clarify your business vision and goals. Michelle helps you with planning, marketing, and sales and sticking to your goals. Michelle sets weekly homework and has lots of advice on ‘how’ to do everything to achieve your vision, goals and business growth plan. She gives lots of feedback on your progress and is a great support.

Love To Give

I just wanted to say your F**king amazing!!! I have been in business for 7 years and haven’t experienced what I have experienced this week in many years. Redefining our ideal customer avatar means I am more focused, know what I want from my clients and in return deliver absolute greatness to them. Working from flow this has resulted in some immediate business but more importantly future business in the upcoming months!

IT Solutions Ltd

I never thought I would be jumping out of bed in the morning to get behind the computer but here we are… this has been so much fun to set up. Credit where credits due thou to my business coach/angel Michelle Clarke and the Business Acceleration Club who have been a blessing and helped make this and much more possible. Michelle has the patience of a saint and has invaluable knowledge and actually gets me wanting to do what I’m told to do.

Studio Holly Robertson

Find out why Sarah thinks the Business Acceleration Club helped her to build the business of her dreams and why it will do that for you too (the old version of The Business Acceleration Club was FemPowered Empire Building).

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