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Business Acceleration Club

1. Weekly business coaching 

2. All the courses for free

3. Dedicated full-time support

Want solutions that fit YOU? This programme is next level, described as an encyclopedia for entrepreneurs by the insiders. 

Monthly subscription, cancel anytime.

🌷 Extreme Clarity, Crystal Clear Vision, and a Road Map to get there

🌷 Business Foundations & Turbo Charged Time-Management made easy

🌷 Silencing the critic in your head so you can show up like a real business boss

🌷 Streamline EVERYTHING to make running your dream business effortless 

🌷 Punchy packages to pull in big-ticket clients including online courses and programmes

🌷 Building visibility & attracting your tribe the easy, painless way using flow-based marketing method TM

Hot as Hell Courses

Courses that cut the waffle and give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. As a qualified adult educator I know just how to get you learning in half the time and 10x your results quick smart.

Easy video and audio formats with done-for-you templates to make your life easy.

Get all the content you need, access to the systems that I use in my coaching and my own business plus the secret keys that you have been missing.

With courses ranging from done-in-a-day kickstarts to full-throttle month-long programmes there is bound to be something just right for where you are at right now.

About The Time Wrangling Course:This course is a must for anyone who wants to get their time management sorted for good.  The difference with Michelle’s course is you get all the tools you need to hit the ground running.  This alone will save you so much time!  It is the perfect mix of information/strategy and resources.  I have implemented all the strategies she outlines and it has made a major difference in my time management.”

One on One Coaching

Group coaching is powerful stuff but it is not for everyone (at least in the beginning) and so I offer a very limited number of one on one coaching spots. 

If you are serious about moving your business forward and getting the success you have been chasing for years, then this is the package for you.  

All my offerings are subscription based, including the one on one coaching, so you only sign up for one month at a time. 

We start by setting you a cracking stretch goal and then get you there! This coaching is not for the faint of heart, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone and you will be so pleased and proud of what you achieve.  

I want you to know this darling, you are a winner already, you just don’t recognise yet.  I have helped hundreds of business owners just like you to get what want they always wanted and more.  

This button below gives you access to a free Business Growth Strategy Session with me. Go ahead and click it, let’s get this party started!  

What you will find in all the courses and coaching

RESULTS! This stuff works, every person I work with succeeds, have a read of the testimonials and join the thrivers club now.  And the best bit is, it is so much easier than you expect it is going to be.

No waffle.  I am a loving kinda gal, but I pull no punches, you will only ever get realness from me!  If you need to be called out and challenged then that is just what you will get.


A solution that comes from the soul. I don't believe in rules and boundaries. Your soul already knows what it is here to do, we just have get you tapping into flow to watch your results soar.


Full wattage joy. We all have the capacity to be insanely happy, and for me, business cannot thrive when you are holding yourself back so all the courses and coaching here aims to get all areas of your life cranking.


Support for your unique needs and business dreams. There is no one size fits all solution and that is why these courses and coaching sessions get results, because the solutions are tailored to you. Finally, something that really does work.


Wondering Where to Start?

FemPowered Empire Building has helped many a soul-driven entrepreneur build an empire, crack the code on how to structure their business so it is fun and makes a shit tonne of money. Why not start there?

And here is what a few of the FemPowered Babes have to say about the programme.

You’ve got to sign up for this amazing creation.

What Michelle created here is one of a kind ‘Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs”, you can not Fail here, the only way is moving forward in this programme.

All your insecurities are answered and laid out in easy to access modules and there is always more. 

Michelle seems to be always one step ahead of you, as soon as your question marks pop up in your head, you can bet on it Michelle has created another section in her course to answer your question.

The online groups are a powerful resource of mindset mastering and upcoming questions and worries get settled there and then by Michelle.

This is truly a lifetime membership as this is the backbone of your entrepreneurial life.

Christiane Ebert

Founder, Energised To Success

Explore The Top Three Courses

Mastering Money

Get a handle on your money mindset to grow your business:

  • Kick old money stories to the curb to power up your business
  • Smash through the glass ceiling holding you in place
  • Find out how to get a handle on your finances
  • Powerful webinar to crush your old stories and move you forward
  • 30 days of powerful money manifesting exercises

The Focus Shake-Down: remove the blockage slowing you down

Cut through all the waffle and distractions and get on with building your business like a pro.

  • Smash thought procrastination in seconds
  • Find out the focus secrets used by all the top business gurus
  • Become the honed biz person so you can get through 3 times as much work and get on with enjoying your free time
  • 10 x your biz results in half the time

Time Wrangling: the real 'how to' secrets of getting shiz done

Fast paced three module, 10 lesson short course to get you organized

  • Claim back 10 hours every week!
  • You can do it all and have it all – find out how
  • All the strategies I use personally to get shiz done
  • Reduce the overwhelm, acheive your goals, and create space for you enjoy the life you are creating

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