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I know it’s a big step, I still get nervous when I sign up with a new coach too! The best thing to do is book a no-obligation chat with me face to face via zoom. 

We will soon find the best solution for you:

🌷 Business Acceleration Club

🌷 FemPowered Mastermind

🌷 1:1 Growth Coaching

🌷 Online Courses


Business Acceleration Club


1. Weekly coaching 

2. Hundreds of online trainings 

3. Dedicated full-time support

Want solutions that fit YOU? This programme is next level, described as an encyclopedia for entrepreneurs by the insiders. 


🌷 Get really clear on the EXACT steps that will power your business forward and have my expert hand guiding you every step of the way

🌷 Business Growth Systems, all the hacks, tech cheats, and methods for success

🌷 Powering up who you really are to give you full throttle confidence and results 

🌷 Throw out what is feasible and instead build the business of your dreams 

🌷 Learn Soul Method Marketing and become magnetic to clients

🌷 Build your brand and your visibility and have fun on your way to fame

FemPowered Mastermind - Subscription Based

Are you ready to strut your stuff?

Are you ready to get that business sparkling?

Are you ready unleash all of your too-muchness?

This mastermind is for those that have worked with me already and who are ready to ramp it up 6 thousand notches and become the real unadulterated them in the world.

🌷 Weekly coaching to bust the bullshit stories

🌷 Mastermind hot-seat, get many experts eyes on your business

🌷 Mastermind only content and bonus trainings

🌷 Exclusive invite only membership

🌷 Full access to me


One on One Coaching

Group coaching is powerful stuff but it is not for everyone (at least in the beginning) so I offer a very limited number of one on one coaching spots. 

If you are serious about moving your business forward and getting the success you have been chasing for years, then this is the package for you.   

We start by setting you a cracking stretch goal and then get you there! This coaching is not for the faint of heart, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone and you will be so pleased and proud of what you achieve.  

I want you to know this darling, you are a winner already, you just don’t recognise yet.  I have helped hundreds of business owners just like you to get what want they always wanted and more.  

This button below gives you access to a free Business Growth Strategy Session with me. Go ahead and click it, let’s get this party started!  

Online Courses

Courses that cut the waffle and give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. As a qualified adult educator I know just how to get you learning in half the time and 10x your results quick smart.

Easy video and audio formats with done-for-you templates to make your life easy.

Get all the content you need, access to the systems that I use in my coaching and my own business plus the secret keys that you have been missing.

With courses ranging from done-in-a-day kickstarts to full-throttle month-long programmes there is bound to be something just right for where you are at right now.

About The Time Wrangling Course:”This course is a must for anyone who wants to get their time management sorted for good.  The difference with Michelle’s course is you get all the tools you need to hit the ground running.  This alone will save you so much time!  It is the perfect mix of information/strategy and resources.  I have implemented all the strategies she outlines and it has made a major difference in my time management.”

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business coaching to grow your business
business coaching to grow your business

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business coaching book now
business coaching book now

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