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Grab a cuppa and browse these no waffle powerhouse online courses 

You are here to change the world and you don’t have time for waffle, BS, and dragging one snippet of info out for hours. These no BS trainings give you exactly what you need to solve your current challenge so you can power forward again quickly.


mastering money business course

Money Love Habits For Business Babes!

Get a handle on your money habits and mindset to grow your business:

  • Kick old money stories to the curb to power up your business
  • Smash through the current income ceiling holding you in place
  • Find out how to get a handle on your finances
  • Belief busting webinar and  30 days of powerful new money habits
business course time mangagement

Time Wrangling: the real 'how to' secrets of getting shiz done

Fast paced three module, 10 lesson short course to get you organized

  • Claim back 10 hours every week!
  • You can do it all and have it all – find out how
  • All the strategies I use personally to get shiz done
  • Reduce the overwhelm, achieve your goals, and create space for you enjoy the life you are creating
launch your online business course

Next Level You

It’s time to OWN. YOUR. AWESOME.  It’s time to step up, take that shiz up a notch, and breathe life into the queedom you are really here to create. Done with playing small, done with the doubt, done with the elastic band that keeps snapping you back and away from that which you desire? This 5-day intensive will up-level the be-jesus outta you, diving into a different area each day to come out the other side:

👑 Upleveled

👑 Certain of you path forward

👑 In charge of your own destiny

👑 With clear boundaries in place

👑 Full of energy and vigor and determination

make your own business courses

Standing Out BUNDLE

  • Making great videos – all the secrets shared
  • All the free techy cheat tech tools that make videos look professional
  • How to create cracking graphics for free
  • Figure out what your brand stands for, and how to apply that to your branding assets
  • Branding your workspace and building branding backgrounds
      business courses for making hot as hell videos business videos

      Build + Launch Your Online Course Bundle

      2 of my most popular courses bundled together for your benefit:

      • Building your online course, all the templates and know how
      • Launching your online course – getting it out there and sold FAST


        What You Can Expect


         These no BS courses give you everything you need! The templates, the systems, and all the tricks that I use in my business coaching so that you can succeed


        No waffle. These are hard hitting business courses, not boring drivel and business terms, but the real gold that will let you build the business of your dreams

        A bit of fun and laughter served up alongside the hard work, because “if it ain’t fun – it won’t get done”.  We are serious about results AND having a great time.

        Lots of aha moments, as things click into place all over the show for you.  The things that I teach you in these trainings work FOR businesses like yours.

        What business course should I start with?  OMG don’t ask me that, anything but that! YOU are the only person who can actually answer that, so this is what I suggest you do:

        1. Disengage your brain – it makes the dumbest scaredy cats decisions anyhoo

        2. Pick a business course which grabs your eye or your heart

        3. Read the blurb, if you start to feel expansive, a bit warmer, a bit buzzy, a bit afraid – PICK THAT business course!

        If you are one of my gals who needs a nudge, then go ahead and pick any business course using the above method, and if you not stumble across the upfront or hidden benefit within a couple of months of completing the training, then hit me up for a full refund.  And if you want to get to know my style a bit more first, my blogs are a great place to start.


        The truth is this… you literally cannot pick the wrong business course, anything you pick will light you on fire because you will only to be lead to what is exactly right for you at this time.


        Michelle xxx




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