This is for the gals ready to take their businesses to the next level!!!!

Hold onto your nightie, balls to the wall, trainings & shenanigans to empower you to  become the next-level super-flow you

Includes weekly coaching and mastermind

Next level ass-kickery (and support)

Finally a business mastermind group for women that supports you to step up and claim your rightful place as Queen of your empire!

It’s time to stop playing small, move beyond those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and truly
Own. Your. Awesome.

Because you didn’t get into business to be average, did you? Yet you’ve realised you’ve been letting yourself stay in that safe space, where your business rules your life, where your to-do list never ceases and where that dream big-ticket client still evades you.

Which is why I’m glad you’re here. Because it means you also know that all the good stuff happens when you commit to up-levelling your vision, your mindset and your actions. 

And that’s what FemPowered is all about. A mastermind group for women just like you.

Hi I’m Michelle Clarke, the fempreneur behind the FemPowered mastermind group for women, and I want you to know that you are here to do great things! I know that it feels grandiose, but until you are sparkling like the queen that you are born to be, and making an even bigger impact in the world, my work here is not done. I would love for you to listen to this short 90-second video and get a feel for what FemPowered Empire Building is all about.

You’ve spent too long trying to figure it all out on your own. You’re ready to get out of your own way, and no longer let fear, imposter syndrome or any other mindset blocks hold you back. Instead, you want to focus on growth, on an abundant future, and to really shine as the successful businesswoman you are. Contact me now to see if this mastermind group for women is right for you.

You’re ready to…

  • Have a business that works for you – without having to live to-do list to to-do list and have a business group for women which support you every step of the way
  • See some real profit – and finally quit selling your time for money
  • Quit with the procrastination, time wasting and ‘playing it safe’ that is keeping you stuck
  • Grow without spending hours (and thousands of dollars) on marketing campaigns that don’t deliver
  • Feel good without overwhelm, frustration, dejection or fear getting in the way of your goals
  • Commit to something bigger bigger clients, bigger sales, bigger reach – and bigger JOY!

The healthy bank account, the steady stream of leads, the record sales, the confidence, the dream lifestyle – yep, all those things can be yours. In fact, you’re already capable of achieving them, you just need someone to show you the way (and to kick your butt into action from time to time). So, that’s where I – and your new network of amazing, supportive fellow Fempreneurs – come in.

What is FemPowered Empire Building?

With FemPowered Empire Building there are no contracts, no waffle but ALL the fun and support.

This is IT. This is the one mastermind programme that has everything you need to build your business into an empire and create a lifestyle that works for you. Most courses or coaching programmes only address one part of your struggle as a business owner – that’s where FemPowered is different.

I saw too many business owners being overcharged for courses that under-delivered, and knew that I had to instead create something that actually helped women like you truly move the needle on their business growth and success. So, FemPowered is where I pull all of the best of my 25 years worth of business knowledge, templates, tools, systems and support in one single place, so you can pick them up and apply them in your own business.

If you are new to coaching with me then The Business Accelerator CLUB is the place to start. FemPowered is available for clients who have worked with me previously.


The Weekly Coaching

You get not one but two coaching sessions every week. The first session is ‘ask me anything’ style where you get individual help to move your business forward. The second session is where we up-level you and your business big time.

All The Goodies For Free

I’m the kinda gal who wants you to have everything little thing so that you can succeed, and so I give you just that. What is mine is yours. You get all the courses for free, bonus training and additional live events to boost your business results.

The Support

The Femps (the others gals on the programme) are super friendly and supportive. You have your own Facebook Group where you can get help at any hour of the day. Remember who you spend most of your time with dictates your outcomes.

What Can You Expect?

We have fun – but you have to do the work. I’ll keep you accountable and push you towards where you want your business to go. Because while your business dreams can come true, that won’t happen while you’re sitting on the sidelines.

FemPowered is all about taking consistent, strategic steps towards your big vision using a mix of mindset and strategy and systems. Doing so will see you make huge transformations in a short period of time, while empowering you with confidence and dismantling those blocks that have been holding you back (you’ll see more on what other women have been able to achieve in the testimonials below).

business group for women

FemPowered Empire building gives you:

🌷 Complete clarity around your vision, and the goals you need to hit to get there. There’s no waffle here, just a super strong foundation to power you forward with certainty.

🌷The exact tools, templates, systems and automation hacks you need to make running your dream business effortless. Get a handle on your days, weeks and months so you can get exactly what you need out of your time – without the overwhelm.

🌷A smarter model for your business – one that pulls in big ticket clients, one that doesn’t ‘swap time for money’ and one that gives you back freedom in both business and life. You’ll get clear on your offering, test it, and nail your pricing.

🌷Increased confidence. Silence that critic in your head, identify the root cause of your imposter syndrome and let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours so you can finally, and consistently turn up like the BOSS you are.

🌷An engaged and supportive tribe. We’ll dive deep into setting up an online delivery and engagement structure, the foundations of engaging your tribe, the exact equipment and techniques you need to be queen of content production! The sales and marketing secrets of the pros will be all YOURS.

Here’s how it happens:

Weekly Coaching

Firstly we take a deep dive into your business and what will move you forward this coming week, this is where we up-level you and your business big time. You get access to all of my knowledge and expertise, practically on tap.  Then I share a new tool or strategy with you each week to keep you growing your empire on the dialy.

All The Goodies For Free

I’m the kinda gal who wants you to have every little thing so that you can succeed, and so I give you just that. What is mine is yours. You get all the courses for free, bonus trainings and additional live events to boost your business results!

The Support

The Femps (the others gals on the programme) are super friendly and supportive. You have your own Facebook Group where you can get help at any hour of the day. Remember who you spend most of your time with dictates your outcomes.

AND – you’re not even tied into a long-term contract. Fempowered is a monthly subscription based programme which gives you everything you need – while putting you in control.

Stop spending time and money on courses that aren’t going to truly move your business forward.

Overcoming obstacles in your business doesn’t happen by only addressing one area or challenge. Change and up-levelling happens when you not only have the knowledge, but also know how to put it into action for your business. I won’t just tell you ‘what’ you need to do, but show you how to do it and give you all the cheats and templates to save you time, money and frustration.

Best of all - there’s no risk

Because it’s a monthly subscription, you’re in control. However, I am so confident that this programme will deliver results for you, that I personally guarantee you a full refund if you get to the end of the programme (usually takes 6 months to complete but you may do it faster if you wish) having completed everything and have not made the full cost of the course back. You can’t get fairer than that, right? If you are ready to succeed, we will not let you fail.

The women who have already started their journey with FemPowered have been able to:

  • ✓ Make more money – without facing burnout and overwhelm to make it happen
  • ✓ Grow – with the help of smart marketing strategies, sales funnels and streamlined systems
  • ✓ Step it up a notch – with strategic plans that are in alignment with their big vision
  • ✓ SHINE – They’ve been inspired, connected with like-minded women, and re-found that spark they needed to keep growing, learning and evolving as a woman and as a business owner.
business group for women

I want all that for YOU, too. So, let’s recap.

You get:

  • Weekly coaching session
  • Access to additional free trainings, templates, and tech tools
  • All my online courses for FREE 

And all with NO CONTRACTS.

Your Investment?

Just $99 a week.

Just think, coaching alone costs up to 10 times as much as this with most coaches, but I am committed to bringing it to you at a price you CAN afford. You get everything that 1:1 coaching gives you, and MORE. Plus, you’ll grow your network of like-minded, ambitious and supportive business women. Watch the video below which shows you exactly what you can expect from our online coaching calls.  You can only join FemPowered Empire Building once you have completed the Business Acceleration Club or coached with me one on one.

Now imagine how transformative that kind of advice and support could be for your business.

These women were once where you are now, but take a look at where they are NOW after joining FemPowered.

So, are you ready to take action? I’d love to have you join us, and can’t wait to support you in reaching your potential.

If you’ve still got some questions - these FAQs might help. Otherwise, book in a no-obligation chat with me to find out more.

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