So what is coaching?

Coaching is “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”   What a load of cotswolop right? – let me unpack that for you…

Partnering with clients in a creative process 

There is no one size fits all model, that is why coaching gets results where off the shelf systems and methods have previously failed.

    Thought provoking 

    I challenge your beliefs so you can smash barriers to success and reach new heights.  You don’t still think the world is flat do you?


    Inspires them

    I will help you find your super power and encourage you to stretch and achieve things you never dreamed possible.

    Maximize personal and professional potential

    Business coaching changes your whole life. Improving one area has positive effects in other areas too.

     My Coaching Process

    Coaching is different for every single person (because y’all are unique), however it all starts the same way. The on-boarding and coaching process that I follow to ensure your success is this: 

    1.  First I find out about you, your needs, and your desires for the future

    2. Then I ferret out your obstacles (it is so much easier for me to see from the outside)

    3. Then I help you explore what you really want, not the small version, the big glowing exciting version!

    4. Then we craft a delicious future vision (Mission)

    5. Next, we break that big vision down into achievable goals (Annual Strategic Plan)

    6. Then we chunk those goals into actionable steps (Quarterly Goals)

    7. Then we undertake a Gap Analysis to see what we need to add, alter, or remove in order for you to reach your goals

    8. And then we create a plan to get you there – which we must both agree to

    9. At this point, it gets hard to explain because you will need something unique, not an off the shelf product.



    What Results Do Others Get From Coaching?

    Click here to see why other people decided to have business coaching and the results they got.  

    The things you think you need you know about me:

    • 25 years business and corporate experience including Operations and Administration Management, and taking start ups from 0 to $20K months with ease.
    • 10 years successful coaching record.
    • Bachelor of Adult Education, Business Management Certificate & Post grad quals in Business Administration, Registered Coach with NZ Coaching.

    The things you really need to know:

    • My business coaching gets results by empowering you. You will become the person who is able to achieve all their business goals.
    • Sessions are forward focused, we will set goals and empower you to achieve them. You will fast track your success and step into your true potential.
    • We work to bring out the greatness that is already inside of you.  You will get REAL clarity and REAL results whilst reaching your TRUE POTENTIAL.
    • This is an important bit – I coach my clients to success not through sacrifice, but by teaching them to achieve through evolution so you can come into alignment with the best version of yourself.

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