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Hey darling, I am pleased you clicked through to this page.  There is a lot on offer and it could be overwhelming if you tried to gobble it all up at once, so have a little look around and start with one thing, the thing that screams at you or feels most right for you right now. 



If you are looking to find out what I am all about then I would suggest that you start with clicking the button below and joining the Free Facebook Business Group Business Out Loud & Authentic where I do live daily trainings.  And then, when you are ready to up-level and get braver in business join the free PinkedIn Mastermind.




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PinkedIn MasterMind

This powerful programme is FREE right now. It is my way of giving back to the world and getting you up and out there bravely to serve your tribe and get on with changing the world.  What is it?

🌸  Goal setting course

🌸.  One on one Business Growth Strategy Session with me

🌸. Monthly Mastermind Think Tank session to power up  your business

Woman-Up Podcast

There is much to done in business yet the truth of the matter is that it is your mindset, and what you do EVERY day that makes a difference in shifting the needle forward in your business. These podcasts are short and punchy, free trainings to boost your results and get you cranking in your dream business and best version life.  

Becoming Brave in Business

Have you ever sat in inaction because of being afraid to put yourself out there? If so, you are not alone. 100% of the women I coach have felt imposter syndrome at some point in their business lives.  Click the picture below to download the resource now.

Woman-Up Book

One of the most powerful personal development books to come out this year, Woman Up! is a complete learning program full of insights, information and exercises for women to rediscover their human potential. Click the picture below to access it now.

Get Your Brave On

This sample group training will help you to really get your brave on and move the needle in your business. Dive on in and have some fun with us. BTW, our motto here is ” if it’s not fun, it doesn’t get done” but don’t fooled by our jiving, we are doing ‘The Real Work’ here.

Success Routines

The secret to business results is having systems that support you. Find out how to start your day for success.

Business Risk Assessment Tool

Just because we are all about the fun getting it done, it does not mean that we should not weigh up the risks and plan for long term success.  You won’t find this tool elsewhere, it is a Michelle special :).

Getting Your Email Campaigns Cranking

You could do emails the boring way, or you could get really authentic, go all out, delight your clients, and really make a difference in the world. Find out what I recommend for email sequences.

Planning For Live Events Like a Pro

Live events don’t need to be stressful, find out the exact process that I use to crank out great live events.

How To Track Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, love em or hate em, they work and they need tracking. There are lots of other trainings I have done on creating facebook ads, but this is a question I get asked often “where do I track my facebook ad?”

How to sales video

Do you wake up and think “where is my next sale coming from?” then you are missing the point. This live training talks about the things you might be missing.

Cracking the Code on Business Alignment Starts Here

Daily inspiration, live trainings, and more so you can work from flow and ditch the hustle.

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