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Don’t just take my word for it, see the results that other business owners just like you have achieved through Business Acceleration Coaching.  I wasn’t joking when I said coaching is like buying a professional bike after slogging your guts out on a wharehouse model and realizing that even though you thought you were doing fine (because you were), that there is a way to get there twice as quick with half the effort.

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Hit Your Target in 90 Days Coaching Package

Linely was at a point where she didn’t want to stay in her business anymore, things where getting harder and the effort was not worth the profit.  She was losing heart for an industry that she actually cared deeply about. When Linely came to me she wanted to grow her business to a point where she could sell it for a profit, she knew all the number stuff, tracked figures, trained her staff, had an annual strategic plan and even quarterly goals too. Linley was working hard, had a great team, and was using all the right business systems, but no one had showed her how to turn all that business knowledge into practicable steps. Symptoms = frustrated and disheartened. Diagnosis = Effort in the wrong direction. Prescription = Craft and implement growth strategies to carry out the strategic plan and make the quarterly goals a reality instead of pie in the sky, and start tracking results. What we did:

  • Made a strong, viable and exciting future vision
  • Broke down financial targets to monthly, weekly and daily targets
  • Devised a system to track results daily
  • Got staff on board with the new vision and tracking numbers
  • Marketing training 
  • Restructured staff and built an amazing committed team
  • Looked honestly at profit leaks and made plans to remedy those

Now Linely is rocking along in her business, her team are performing amazing miracles and she is in love with her industry again. She no longer wants to sell her business and has been able to take one day out of the business to work ON the business now.

Business Surge Coaching Package 

Leanne wanted some help to retain clients after a recent staff departure, she was concerned about the knock-on effects and wanted to do some damage control.  She had been through something similar in her business before but wanted some assistance to handle things in a swift and proactive manner. Leanne was a great business woman who was really on to it but was also busy and a small business owner with a small and intimate team. Things can get confusing and overwhelming when you don’t have a board of directors, or a general manager to turn to for back up, sometimes all it takes to power forward is an impartial yet knowledgeable sounding board and a few nudges in the right direction. Symptoms = a bit tearful because of increased pressure which she had to shoulder alone and feeling a bit uncertain of actions to take, temporarily overwhelmed.  Diagnosis = needing some support and a swift yet effective damage control plan. Prescription = Devising a plan to support the team (all of whom had different personalities and needs), Communicating with and retaining staff. What we did:

  • A quick staff personality profiling analysis to ensure that the solutions would fit
  • Planned a staff morale programme for the coming month (some really fun and quirky stuff)
  • Crafted a client email to go out to clients to keep them informed and made a special offer
  • Got staff to make short video clips for intro to leaving staff members clients
  • Devised a client follow up plan

Short and simple really, Leanne knew a lot already and some of the ideas where just a little extension for her, but the real benefit was in having someone on her side, and also in having some fun and lightness re-injected into the business. Leanne and her team are happily servicing the old clients still and the client loss was minimal.

Cloudy to Clarity Coaching Package

Melody was feeling disappointed and frustrated. She knew that she was not happy with her life but she didn’t know why she felt that way or what she wanted to change. This led Melody to feelings of overwhelm and ultimately inaction and depression. When Melody came to me she was at a point where she was ready for change, but did not know what the book was called or where the plot was going. Symptoms = lethargy.  Diagnosis = Soul purpose drowned out. Prescription = exploration of life and soul purpose and creating a new life chapter. What we did:

  • Explored the ebs and flows of current life and measured satisfaction in each area
  • Dug around in life purpose and found a beautiful hidden diamond to work with
  • Polished said diamond into a sparkling jewel and crafted a vision and plan for the diamond to be launched on the world
  • Set out a plot outline for Melody to write the story into reality

Now Meloy is running a successful health business and serving her soul tribe. She bounces around with vigour and is enjoying each and every day.

Hit Your Target In 90 Days Coaching Package

Monica was feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.  She came to me because she was losing clients. This led to Monica not only losing clients and money but also losing her mojo and her mind, she was in quite a state. Turns out Monica was great at sales and at her trade, but she struggled to fulfill the work that she had signed on. She had the time to work on the client tasks but just did not do it. Symptoms = Losing clients. Prognosis = lack of structure leading to overwhelm. Prescription = devising a structure that worked with Monica’s other commitments (solo mum to 3 kids), her daily patterns (feels best in the morning and worn out in the arvos), and also her personality style (Monica is a world view thinker and needs to see how one thing related to the next. So we:

  • Came up with a routine that would support Monica and get her mindframe back on track
  • Did a time analysis to see what times of the day she felt best, see what she had on her plate and see where the bottlenecks were
  • Then we unpacked client related tasks and chunked them into a framework with clear steps and a logial order – and then allocated timeframes and required resources for each of the steps
  • Then we created a client tracking system (in this case a spreadsheet) to chart where clients were in the supply chain at any given time – and we used this to plan out weekly tasks.
  • We overhauled Monica’s calendar, we first filled in all responsibilities and the fun stuff (Iron man training) and then the work tasks and then business growth tasks.  Priorities are important!
  • Then I introduced a few time management techniques: 5 before 11; pomodoro; power hours.

Now Monica is sailing through her work load, her clients are thrilled and she feels sane. But better than all that, she feels in control and says that she now looks forward to waking up at 5am to train, that she has time for fun and her kids, all that PLUS she is making double the money because she is getting more work done. Long Term prognosis = sunshine and money.

Coaching is intensely personal, but it would be really helpful for you to see me at work right?  Lucky for us, Monica has bravely allowed us to record part of one of her coaching sessions so you can get a feel for how comfortable these sessions are even when we are creating space for you to explore deeply. You can see this here