Magical Millionaire Membership

Get faster, bigger, & better results in ease and flow!
Weekly online sessions, courses, and support.

-NOTHING is more important than ENERGY and what this. You have built your business with hard work and effort, and you should be proud of that. Now, to take your business to the next level, it is time to change things up.

You cannot scale hard work, so luckily you can build your business to double the profits with even less time than you are spending now… when you change the way you do things.

Get next level results without the hustle. It is time to step into the up-levelled and magnetic version of you.

  • Become an energetic match for success and abundance.
  • Dive into the quantum to sail on past your previous success barriers.
  • Make more money, faster, doing only what you love, with your soul clients.
  • Unleash your magic and become magnetic to clients.

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Magical Millionaire Membership Gets Results Fast

Step 1


Take focused and purposeful actions rather than all the actions, to get faster results.

Discover the method and find out what your own specific aligned business actions are.

Business Coaching Courses

Step 2


You are your business and your energy matters more than anything else. 

Clear your energy to become magnetic to clients & have them find YOU.

business coach auckland

Step 3


You need these to provide the energy (and bravery) to carry out the aligned actions.

Learn the secrets to installing success mindsets & systems to support your growth.

business coach auckland

You can become an absolute master at all three!

It is time to OWN. YOUR. AWESOME

It is time to make more money, faster, doing what you are called to do for the people you are really here to serve.

It is time to stop the hustle and allow the results in.

It is your time to shine!


For God’s sake will someone (anyone) tell the truth?


I see so many soul-led entrepreneurs burn out because they buy into the hype and I am tired of it. Darling, if you’re reading this you are NOT NORMAL and you don’t fit the mold do you? Let’s just clear that up right now.

  • You have always felt different
  • You always knew you were meant for more
  • You can see the end result inside you – but  why TF is not here already, you wonder
  • You have tried and tried, and omg tried so hard to follow the ‘structure’ but it just does not work for you!

And so here they are darling, the T R U T H S!

    • You don’t make money from following a formula
    • You don’t make money from simply showing up consistently
    • You won’t make money from playing down your greatness and real soul’s purpose
    • You won’t break through to the next income level by doing what you are doing now with the same stuck/small energy
    • You will not continue to up-level unless you leap forward bravely
    • You cannot build and empire that changes the world unless you unleash your real soul calling
    • You won’t find happiness and contentment in rescuing baby birds
    • You are meant for greatness! You are here to change the world darling.
    • You are wasting your god-given gifts and it is time to step TF up and OWN. YOUR. AWESOME!

Making more money does not require more effort or hustle, it requires a soul shift – its a energy frequency thing baby

It is time to be unapologetically you, to rip the band-aid off and bring forth what you see inside of you and deliver your purpose work



You are here for magnificent things, deep down you know this. It is time to wrangle your mindset and step into 100% certainty and faith.  Time to accept your true purpose and have that become bigger than your BS and accept the fact that you are here to serve.



Why would you operate on normal energy where there is a universal supply waiting to serve you to achieve the magic you are here to create in this lifetime. Step into the quantum and unleash results in ease and flow. The universe wants to support you.



Aligned actions have a higher energetic vibration which allows the results to come in ease and flow and quantum level your results without the hustle, whereas normal actions push results away. I show you exactly how to access this flow and tap into your soul.

Your time is now!

It is time to get paid more for doing what you love,
serving your soulmate clients!

Whats included in the Magical Millionaire Membership?

Weekly group training
to quantum level your results: 1/2 hour recorded sessions
The exact structures & systems I use to run a successful soul-led business
Monthly Q&A mastermind sessions – get specific advice on your unique business
 Dedicated FB members only support group, bonus  trainings and other goodies
What I know about you
  • You know you are here for something bigger, but you dance around the knowing
  • You’re a get it done queen, you get the results because you are determined
  • You have thought about chucking it in, but your soul just won’t let you
  • You have had your come-to-Jesus moment and it is now or never, you are ready to listen to the nudge!
What you are ready for
  • To be unapologetically you, to rip the blanket off and bring forth what you see inside of you and deliver your purpose work
  • To be in full alignment, on fire with passion, in flow every damn day, and getting quantum level results without the hustle
  • Certainty of your path and clarity on what you are bringing to the world
  • The how, the support, the next level magic that is in alignment with who really are

The results that others experience

  • Sheryl went from swapping time for money model and draining one on one appointments to making $1500+ in her sleep on repeat
  • Tina went from 3 products to 8 new lines + 30 new products and increased her bottom line by 60%
  • Brianna restructured her business and now makes $300,000 more per annum
Sarah Brenchly

Health and Mindset Coach

I have been part of FemPowered right from the start and in the last 2 years, I can’t believe how much I have changed. The number one thing that has made the biggest difference is mindset and energy.

Yes I have learned about systems and strategies and they all make a difference but actually, it’s being OK with who I am, having goals that are MINE and not anyone else’s, finding joy and fun, and tapping into my soul that has been life-changing.

Michelle recently did a meditation that was completely out there and woo-woo and amazing and holy shit within 24 hours I had more clients and opportunities offered than I have ever had. This shit works! I am so excited about what’s next.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weekly training delivered?

Straight into the facebook group. Most of these weekly sessions are live and if you want to join in that is encouraged – but if you cannot attend live there is no need to worry you will still catch all the magic on the replay.

The trainings are not any particular time of day, and I usually give a short notification of when I am going to appear live. 

Most of these will be live because that is how my soul powerfully downloads just what YOU need at any given time. However, some will be recorded in advance if my soul is screaming at me to teach you something NOW!

The weekly training sessions are a down-load straight from my soul to yours. I cannot tell you what we will be doing in advance because what ever the group needs on the day is what will come out. But all trainings are designed to take to you deeper, and deeper still, into the depths of your OWN soul’s knowing to supercharge your business results. 

The trainings generally start with a downloaded message, then move into a guided soul connection activation or clearing, and then move on to powerful questions related to your specific business.


What time are the weekly trainings?

There is no set time for the weekly trainings. When a soul download comes for you then I will pop up live (or sometimes video or soundbite recording or PDF) in the group.

*Don’t worry if you cannot attend live, you will still get all the magic from the replay.


What time are the monthly Q&A mastermind calls?

The 4th Tuesday of every month. Tuesday 8:00am NZ time. Monday 5:00pm EST. Monday 8:00pm GMT.

*Don’t worry if you cannot attend live, they are all recorded and put into the facebook group for you.


What sort of peeps are in the Magical Millionaire Membership?

Only serious soul-led badasses like you.

* You have been in the Standard Business Groups – they can be full of people that just don’t get us soul-led badasses and roll their eyes at us.

* You have been in the Women In Business Groups – they can be full of people who make you feel bad for putting your soul work before ballet lessons.

* You have been in the Spiritual Groups – they can be full of stuck people who are committed to the struggle.

You want a group that is SERIOUS about growth.

You want a group that is not afraid to own their worth.

You want a group that is prepared to go all and do what it takes.

You want magic – that is APPLIED not theorised.

And you want RESULTS! BUT it has to feel good, none this follow this formula shiz!


Me too, and that my darling, is why the Magical Millionaire Membership is for serious soul-led entrepreneurs just like us.


What support is there?

24-hour support baby – not just me but all your fellow soul-led entrepreneurs who have been where you are right now. A group full of you’s that GET you, and know how to pull you up a level or 6!

How does the Magical Millionaire Membership get such good results?

Because there is no waffle – only stuff that actually works.  In fact all the members have a running joke because they all message me so often saying “this shit really works” – it is pretty much our unofficial mantra

I teach you ALL the things that I used personally to scale my business using systems and structures and the energetics of sales.

I WILL call you out on your BS (with love of course) so that your up-leveling and result-getting are super charged.

And honestly, quite simply put, the people you associate with matter a WHOLE LOT. Even just being in the energy of me and the other serious soul-led entrepreneurs will up-level the bejesus out of you!

Why is it called Magical Millionaire Membership - do I have to be a millionaire to join?

No, it is for everyone. But you do need to need to be willing to foster a healthy relationship with money.

There are MULTIPLE ways to grow your money – and dive into all of them. We are talking W*E*A*L*T*H building baby.

Being a millionaire is a mindset, and we shape your mindset to allow in all the money and abundance of all kinds in ease and flow.

Are a-lot of people in here millionaires? of course, or on there way to becoming one.

*** If you are being soul-called to this darling, it is because you have some BIG WORK to do in this world! You can deny it all you like, but look where playing small got you in the past!

What if I already teach in this realm?

Even if you already embody the quantum or teach it yourself, you and I both know that you cannot see your own shit – I still have coaches! Of course, I do. It is how we grow. And how can you ask your soulmate clients to up level with you if you are not prepared to do the same?

What is the Success Triangle for Soul-led Entrepreneurs?

The Success Triangle is what makes every flow for soul-led entrepreneurs like us and it what I base your weekly trainings on. The Success Triangle includes:

🔥 Aligned action.🔥 Success Mindset.🔥 Energetics.


👉Aligned Action:

Just to be clear, for the success triangle, when we talk about aligned action, I mean actions that are DIRECTLY aligned to the outcomes, and to the success that we are calling in.

Busy work, or any old action, is something else entirely and often holds us back from success rather than getting us closer to success. This is where most entrepreneurs operate most of the time.

We are busy taking actions, so many of them, that we can get bogged down here. Whenever I coach someone I always start with a review of the success triangle, and that is how I get results for soul-led entrepreneurs so fast… I don’t just load them up with MORE ACTIONS, I see where they are out of balance and then work on restoring balance to the success triangle.

So often I find entrepreneurs hustling and they are busy as hell, in fact, they are often so busy that they are overwhelmed, they are chasing their tails, and they are coming from a place of fear – this is Overwhelm City! And nothing good comes out of Overwhelm City. Sure you can make a buck or two in Overwhelm City, but the next city along, Clarity City, is where the gold is manufactured. In order to get to Clarity City, you need the success mindset part of the success triangle.


👉 Success Mindset & Structures:

A success mindset encompasses a lot of things, but to sum it up, a success mindset is a strong set of beliefs and a way to control your mind in order to achieve the results you seek. Our brain’s job is to keep us safe – bless it. So, it points out all the dangers to us in a constant stream of chatter. This chatter has us diving into fear and inaction (or more likely for us type-A entrepreneurs… busy work) that keeps us playing small and dancing around the actions that we KNOW will lead us to success.

With a strong success mindset, you will have techniques that allow you to turn off the chatter and take insanely brave actions that allow you to succeed where others waffle about.

Success structures are the practices and systems I use to help you succeed in ease and flow without hustle.


👉 Energetics

This is the area that no one else really talks about in relation to entrepreneurs because us type As love to take action, not dive into quantum woo woo. BUT…

This area here is where you will get the biggest shifts. Do I teach my clients how to recognize and take aligned action? of course. Do I teach the easy HOW ways I have mastered? of course! Do I work on mindset and beliefs? Yes, I sure do. But this area here, the energetics and the quantum, this is the bit that REALLY gets the biggest shifts for soul-led entrepreneurs.

If you are not soul-led, if you are just here to make money – this will not work for you.

So what is energetics? It is about being an energetic match for that which you are calling in. This is difficult to explain and is best experienced, but let me sum it up for you:

👉 If you are clogged with a fear frequency you are repelling successIf your brain is too busy you cannot hear your soul messages and you will make things so much harder than they need to be

👉 Your external environment matters to your energy and success too

👉 The people in your life affect your own energy frequency – so choose who you spend time with carefully

👉You, as a soul led entrepreneur have a very unique frequency and it can make you feel weird at times – but it is nothing to be fearful of


“Wow! What a ride… and it’s only just begun. Michelle has been amazing at giving me perspective, tools and resources to help me take my business to the next level. She has helped me overcome blockages and  I have not only started a second business, but also built my first business to the point of needing to employ someone else. “

“This is a shout out to Michelle Clarke I have been part of her group for the past 2 and a bit months and can honestly say my life and biz have been turned upside down, inside out and transformed. I have discovered so much about myself, so many things that have been holding me back.

“I had a breakthrough during our FemPower Zoom meeting.

On another positive, just checked my website stats, sales up 13% compared to previous 4 weeks, and revenue from sales up 10%  – yes!!

“Absolutely stoked to be working with you. I truly cannot believe how much has already shifted! My relationship with money and how I look at and operate my business is mind-blowingly radically different, and I can’t believe I can earn this much in such a short amount of time?! What! You’re incredible, and I can’t wait to continue working with you. “

“F**k this stuff really works! I set a goal to get 3 new clients for a new student I took on and I got 7… WTF.

I wish that I had of known about how to get these results so much sooner, better late than never, look out world here I come”

 I just wanted to say your F**king amazing!!! I have been in business for 7 years and haven’t experienced what I have experienced this week in many years.  Working from flow this has resulted in some immediate business but more importantly future business in the upcoming months!”

“Thanks Michelle!

This is awesome. Phone rang about half an hour ago and I said to my hubby this will be another new client.

He said how do I know, I said I just do.  And it was for a massive global brand, dream client! So that’s my 2 clients for the week already!

“I’m so grateful for the help this group has given me with confidence, flow and all sorts in between 🙂 Sold out Girl Power workshop with a waitlist – WAHOO! Meeting my $ income targets + more two months running. Felling very happy + proud!

“For the past week I had a mental block that had me stopped in my tracks.  After our call I’m back in flow again.  I’ve achieved more today than I have in the past week!  There’s no doubt that Michelle is the ‘secret weapon’ to my mindset and my business .”

Your time is now!

It is time to get paid more for doing what you love,
serving your soulmate clients!

You know you have what it takes, and that now is your time

You know the time is now or never because if not now, when will you actually unleash what is inside of you and get on with changing the world?

The time is never right, but the time IS always right now.

I was called to offer this to a wider audience right now because the world has experienced an energetic shift and more and more of us are being called to lead, but… where can you go to get the right kind of support and growth?

🤷 There are spiritual groups who seem committed to ignoring the the vibration of success and staying stuck in the struggle.

🤷 There are business groups who seem committed to ignoring the role of soul in business success.

🤷 There are everyday people around us who we just can’t seem to have a REAL conversation with.

Basically, you feel like a fish 🐠  out of water sometimes, you know that you are teetering on the edge of success 💎 and exploding 🔥  onto the scene in a bigger more powerful way. But where are the other people like you?

In the Magical Millionaire Membership!  

You and I both know this is where results come from, not hustling and slowly killing your vibe and squashing your soul’s purpose to oblivion under an ever-mounting to-do-list.  But I also know that even though YOU know this is right for you, it’s harder, for some God-forsaken reason, to say yes to anything that will actually have you showing up more powerfully – because ultimately we are afraid of that power. I get it, I was too, but the alternative is staying in the struggle and slowly dulling your soul – it’s time to fly, and I promise you, you will LOVE IT!


You’d probably find it EASIER to spend $1000 or more on something that offers a magic formula solution even though you damn well know it won’t, but darling you have tried all those things and they didn’t work, let your soul guide you and finally step into your full power and unleash the crazy wild results in ease and flow!


My Story

I don’t have a rags to riches story for you, I have always been able to make money – but I was not always deliriously happy doing it the way I am now.

I want you to know right up front, that you can make money from hustling, you can grow pretty much any business to 6 figures by chucking everything you have at it – but the sad truth is that the cost is too high.  It rips your soul to smithereens, it eats away at your soul’s drive, it dulls your sparkle – and darling you are your sparkle!  You may well reach even multiple 6 figures but when you get there you realise that it is not what you wanted at all, it does not bring you next level happiness, it feels hollow and empty. 

Here is what I was doing 5 years ago, I was making money for sure, but I was rescuing baby birds and chasing my tail, in fact, it made me wanna burn it all to the ground. Ultimately it was tied to self worth, I felt that in order to be worthy I had to use my gifts and talents to help those who most needed it. But here is the thing, baby birds time and time again did not ‘get’ the results they sought because they were NOT ready, and, they were not invested in the outcomes that I wanted for them.

When you are finally ready to step forward and serve those you are REALLY here to serve – when you DECIDE to serve in a bigger way – THAT, is when you become magnetic to clients… and I want to help you do just that in ease and flow so you can get on with changing the world, and having all the fun.


Your time is now!

It is time to get paid more for doing what you love,
serving your soulmate clients!

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