Activated Aligned Action Workshop

A free online workshop for soul-led entrepreneurs who are ready for faster, bigger and better results without the hustle. 

Friday 21st May 10:00 am








Ready to ditch the hustle? 

You know you are ready for bigger results, and to serve in a bigger way. You can feel yourself on the brink of something new and it is your time to shine

That’s why I created this free workshop for soul-led entrepreneurs who are ready to ramp up their results without the hustle and get on with reaching more people. On this FREE 60 minute Activated Aligned Action Workshop I will not only show you how, I will help you to apply this whole new operating system to your specific business:

  • Get clear on how to take aligned action instead of all the actions (and stay away from overwhelm)
  • Burst through your current income barrier
  • Learn all of the components of stellar sales
  • Come away clear, calm, and certain of what actions to take in your specific business next

I have only taught my inner circle clients this quantum method up until this point

and now I am being called to bring this to more people, the time has come, the world needs us to step up and lead…

FREE live online workshop 21st May 10am & 7pm

Next level business results are as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1


Take focused and purposeful actions rather than all the actions, to get faster results.

Discover the method and find out what your own specific aligned business actions are.

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Step 2


You are your business and your energy matters more than anything else. 

Clear your energy to become magnetic to clients & have them find YOU.

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Step 3


You need these to provide the energy (and bravery) to carry out the aligned actions.

Learn the secrets to installing success mindsets & systems to support your growth.

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Yes please! I am ready for next level results without the hustle

About the workshop


I know that you have signed up for other workshops where you get one little piece of the puzzle, this is NOT that.

On this live workshop you are going to get: ALL the information and the tools that you need, and then, I am going to personally coach you through the HOW, because that is what HAS BEEN MISSING in the past right?

You know that it is time for a big shift – and this is what you have been waiting for! 

I have helped thousands of soul-led entrepreneurs to step it up a notch, tap into soul, access energetics and install success mindset & systems so that they can become magnetic to their clients and get on with changing the world. And I want that for you too. 

How do we do it?

1. We will learn HOW to take aligned action – using the system I teach my inner circle clients

2. We will clear the blockages that are keeping your energy stuck so you can become MAGNETIC too 

3. Then we will install a new operating system for – a success mindset and systems for success! 

Why you want to tap into energetics to get better results

“My online programmes have earned me $1500 this week!  Only launched the 4-week Shred today and have already sold so many subscriptions!. What a thrill! And I know that at the core the foundation of my success has come from working on abundance with you Michelle”

“After a session with Michelle I’m firing on all cylinders enabling me to focus on the core functions in my business from strategy to operations and everything in between.  I’ve noticed that I get more done after my session than I’ve achieved sometimes in an entire day prior to it.  “

“F**k this stuff really works! I set a goal to get 3 new clients for a new student I took on and I got 7… WTF.

I wish that I had of known about how to get these results so much sooner, better late than never, look out world here I come”

Frequently asked questions

Is the session live?

Yes the session is live and if you can attend live please do, I can only give individual guidance in the session. It will be recorded if you miss it, but really you want to attend live if you can.

How many people will be on the call?

I cap the numbers who can attend so that I give you the help you need in the session.

Does it matter if I don't know what energetics are?

Nope, not one tiny bit! That is the whole point of the workshop, I want to take the mystery out of it and show you how to simplify your business growth. We won’t be using any big fancy works and there are no stupid questions – I am here to help you.

What about if I don't know what sort of business I want to build?

Then this workshop will be a step too far for you right now. I suggest you start with the content in my Podcast The Empowered Business Woo Woo Show

What do I need to bring with me?

A pen and your brain – may be a big coffee :).

I will be sharing lots with you, but there is plenty of time for you to ask questions and get help. 

What about if I want more help?

There is something new (and super low cost during the launch phase) to help with all of this

Meet the trainer


Hi  ✋ I’m Michelle, 

It’s really nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you on the live workshop.

What can I tell you about me? Well, I have long worked in the field of energetics but I have not always used it to get next level results for my clients. The fact is, I know this stuff works and so do my clients (you will see that in the testimonials) but I hid this talent of mine for a long time.

The talent of helping people to step into the quantum and achieve next level results that is. And I hid it from the general public because of fear.  All of my clients of course know this about me already, but this is the first time that I am admitting in public that I work with energetics to get the astounding results that I get for my clients. The reason for that is, to cut a very long story short… is that I got fired for being psychic once.

 But I am being called to offer my services and knowledge to more people, because the world needs us to step up and lead. And so here I am… helping you to step it up a notch or 5000! And I am so happy because I get the biggest kick out of helping soul-led entrepreneurs just like you to get next level results in business without the hustle!

In fact, it is my sole purpose, to empower women to rise up, to fully claim their worth and bring forth the difference they here to make in the world. And watching those with a purpose struggle in the hustle HURTS.

Your time is now, it is time to shine. Yet there is so much damn waffle out there. I know you are busy, I know you sometimes wonder where on earth to start. Well, my promise to you is this…


Even though I am a business coach with all the boring quals including an MBA and 25+ years successful business experience I will only ever be real and give you what you need without the bullshit that normally goes with it.

Just the stuff that works.

Just for women like you here to change the world.

And all while having fun! If it isn’t fun it doesn’t get done :).


Together, we shall rise,



Yes please! I am ready for next level results without the hustle

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