What I Do

The long answer is that I specialize in coaching female creatives and practitioners to make their businesses bigger, better, bolder by helping them to upscale, automate and streamline their processes and then help them find their way back to authenticity and alignment  to power up, get more clients and start living the dream.  You seriously can have it all, and business can not only boom, but also be fun and give you the freedom you thought you were going to have when you first became a small business owner or solopreneur.

There are  lots of success stories that you can read in my Case Studies section or see in my facebook and google reviews, but what you really to need to know is this.






The short answer is that I get real results real fast.  I will push you (but always with love and support), I will hold you accountable, you will learn new skills, you will find that you are FAR more capable than you ever believed (just like all my other clients have) and you will get results.  In fact, I offer a money back guarantee if I agree to work with you.

My coaching superpower is being able to pinpoint the root cause of your current challenge, work out the perfect systems and automation’s (which match your personal style and needs) to accelerate your business and then empower you to step into your brilliance by using a powerful combination of transformative mindset work and quick fire business techniques and tools which cut out the waffle and pull in the results. While I may not wear a cape (well, sometimes if I’m feeling a bit silly), my clients do feel that I help them leap tall buildings and obliterate their enemies of:     

*     lack of knowing what comes next

*     lack of time

*      overwhelm

*     lack of confidence

*     ineffective systems 

*     mediocre business results

*     lack of clients

*     lack of technological and/or business skills

If you’re ready to unleash the real you and start serving your tribe while making more money,

If you are ready for a soul driven business that wraps around your lifestyle,

and If you are ready to create the kickass business and ‘hell yes’ life  you are so very worthy of, let’s chat.

My phone (and cape) are standing by…


I wouldn’t be where I am now without Michelle. She has kept me accountable, taught me strategies I didn’t know existed and made me look deep inside. My mindset about money and my worth has completely flipped. She does it all – mindset and strategy. She’s absolute gold” – Sarah

My take on coaching

The power of coaching lies in the fact that it is YOU being coached to success. I could give you a million different tools, but you can find those on the internet yourself right?  Coaching works because it focuses on you.  It does not matter how you much you spend, a system, method, or tool created by someone else is not going to work the same for you as it did for them, because you are UNIQUE darling and your challenges and goals are unique to you.

I could try and explain it to you, but really it is better if you hear it from someone else. This is Monica’s story: She was a self confessed ‘new shiny toy junkie’ and had tried every system under the sun, nothing worked… until she had business coaching that is. 


What is Coaching

It is kind of like bike riding…. At first you get a standard bike and you think “This is fun, and hey I am actually doing ok” And you are doing ok!  But then you upgrade to a professional bike and you discover that you can cover twice as much distance with half the effort, and you think “Why the hell did I not get a professional bike sooner, it is so worth the investment”.  Coaching is just like that! It makes everything effortless.

To read more about my unique coaching process click here.

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