What is coaching


When you think of a business coach, what is that you imagine?  Lots of people tell me that they imagine someone in a business suit, someone dominant and brisk, and with a specific system to follow. And they are right, this is what nearly every business coach is doing. They focus on the usual corporate systems and methods: strategic planning; policies; market analysis; business reviews &  advice, and they are charging from $2000 per month minimum to $20,000 per month.   To be clear what they are paying for is business advice and strategy, it is actually mentoring not coaching in that you follow their advice. In mentoring you have to follow the system that has worked for them specifically and if it works for you that is great, but as entrepreneurs we often create from a different space and if it doesn’t work, there is nowhere left to grow. Your business is as unique as you are, and therefore the solutions and systems which will grow your business need to be unique to you.


The power of coaching lies in the fact that it is YOU being coached to success. YOU ARE THE BUSINESS and your business will only be as successful as you allow yourself to be. Business Coaching is not something you have done when things are not going well, it is what successful people do to get magnificent results!  And if you think you are doing ok as you are, that you would not benefit from coaching, then I invite you to give yourself permission to move beyond being average. 


Don’t settle, settling kills your soul slowly, stand up and claim your success proudly.  Why do you think that massive success is only for others? Why not you?  Can you honestly tell me that you wouldn’t like to have another 2 days a week to yourself to pursue an adrenaline sport, follow a new direction in business you are also passionate about, spend time with your loved ones, or indulge in some self care and restoration?


So what the hell is coaching then?  Coaching is “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” Waffle right?  Let me unpack that for you. 


Partnering with clients – coaching is co-creating, it is not me telling you what to do, we are equals in the relationship.


Thought provoking – that is a nice way of saying that a coach challenges your stories, the things that you tell yourself are true because of past experiences and beliefs you have inherited.  A 4 minute mile was deemed ridiculous until someone did it and now nearly every one can do it! Coaching acknowledges that  you already have all the answers inside of you, as your coach, I ask the questions that lead to deeper introspection so you can find them for yourself.


Creative process – There is no one size fits all model like there is with mentoring.  


Inspires them – A coach has the unwavering belief that you can do it – and helps to realise that potential. A coach is a cheerleader, and butt kicker all rolled into one. I will inspire you to succeed, in fact I will insist on it.  I am a coach with a zero excuses policy. I will always empower you, but there is no growth without work, and I will make you work baby.


Maximize their personal and professional potential – Coaches bring out what is already there inside a person, they  create the space and introspection that will lead to you connecting with your innate potential.  Which is great news right? you don’t need to learn anything new, you already have everything you need inside you right now to achieve your best life, you just need a coach to flash a light around and spot the patterns and hooks so you can get there even faster.


My business coaching is for people who want better results, even when what they are doing might be satisfactory, they want more.


My business coaching is not for people who are excuse makers, procrastinators, or those not willing to look deeper for answers.  


So what is it that I do that is different?

My Business Coaching is all about creating the vision of the business that you truly desire (not the one you currently feel worthy or capable of) and then setting a goal and empowering you to  become the person who achieves that success.


I create the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be by identifying what is not working (so we can release it), what is working (so we can replicate it in other areas) and what needs strengthening or adding (so we can build new habits and systems for growth).  This is how successful people operate, you don’t think they all got there by accident or by only seeking help when a problem arises do you?  


Coaching is about wanting to be the fucking best, wanting to win! You think that powerful presidents of countries work without a coach, or only work with a coach to ensure success? or do they work with coaches so they don’t end up with issues from things which are well hidden from ourselves?


Give yourself permission to stop being fucking average.  Forget tall poppy syndrome and all the fears around what others think, stand up and do what you were born to do, realize your potential, the world is waiting for you to show the hell up.


I coach my clients to not only achieve their business goals but to BE the person who smashes those business goals while simultaneously  improving their personal lives. What is the point in having a kickass business when your health is crap and your family have left you?


This is an important bit so listen up I coach my clients to success not through sacrifice, but by teaching them to achieve through evolution.


Coaching is about being the person who lives the life you deserve, business coaching just happens to be the vehicle of choice.  Just as a great fitness coach will help you to achieve in all areas of your life.  Think about this, when you resolve to get slimmer to improve your health by exercising, you also sleep better, might have more confidence to speak up about what you want from your friends and family, have the energy to set up a new business venture, and since you will likely be feeling great and having more fun as a result your energy attracts more of that energy and will find that new sales and opportunities start to land in your lap.  This brings us to two vital truths which affect every aspect of my business:

  1. Life and business are intertwined, you cannot have one without the other. Trying to compartmentalise our lives leads to a lot of stress. And, improving one area will always improve other areas.
  2. Mindset is key. You will attract what you put out, and oftentimes we are unaware of the thoughts that run on a continuous loop in our heads, but these thoughts drive and perpetuate not only our beliefs but those beliefs also create our reality.  *need a good example in here*


If I asked you to be honest with yourself right now… you don’t need to tell me or anyone else, but at least be honest with yourself. If you had a magic wand would you keep everything EXACTLY the way it is right now? 

Then do yourself and your loved ones a favour….. stop wishing and start thriving!  


It is time to start showing up for reals, or darling, you might as well curl and die because that is what mediocrity is doing to your soul – as is apparent in the rising numbers of mental health issues.   


YOU CAN have your best life, not only are you worthy of it, but your gifts need to be shared with the world.  It is time to decide… are you ready to THRIVE?


Hit me up for a free chat if you are really serious about bringing your gifts to the world and getting your business cranking darling.


Questions and Answers


Is anyone coachable? No.  Not everyone is suited to being coached, those who insist on hanging onto the old way of doing things and who are not willing to explore or try something new will not benefit from coaching, I don’t work with these people.


Is coaching like counselling? No. Counselling looks at the past and tries to figure out why something occurred in order to heal the memory and effects of that memory, it usually focuses on a traumatic event.  Coaching might notice the past but it does not dwell there, it takes the learning from that time/situation and uses that to move forward. Counselling is past focused, coaching is future focused.


Is coaching like mentoring? No. Mentoring tells you what to do and how to do it following a system that has worked for the mentor.  A mentor is an expert in that one field, a coach is an expert at helping you to co-create a solution that fits you.  Coaching acknowledges that you are unique and that what worked for me won’t necessarily be a good fit for you.  That is not to say that I won’t share my systems with you, I am always happy to share.


But there is nothing wrong with me. Why would I need coaching?  This is a great question! Coaching is for people who are ready to move forward.  You do not necessarily need to have an issue, you just need to have a desire to move forward EVEN FASTER. I create the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be by identifying what is not working (so we can release it), what is working (so we can replicate it in other areas) and what needs strengthening or adding (so we can build new habits and systems for growth).  This is how successful people operate, you don’t think they all got there by accident or by only seeking help when a problem arises do you?  


Can’t I just get coaching from my friends?  In my opinion, no.  Your friends and family are too close to you, it is their role to support and encourage you.  A coaches role is to help shine a light on things that you might not be aware of. A friend will accept all parts of you as you, whereas a trained coach will look for patterns and hooks that signal an underlying belief which might be preventing your forward momentum.


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